NZ investing want reliable team of professionals

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Hi All,

Recently settled a property in QLD and realized that there are more bargains than in Oz (after reading this section of forum). I would very much like to make a start into the NZ market but has not set up the most efficient investing structure to get the ball rolling, it would be much appreciated if fellow forum contributors can recommend some reliable team of professionals in NZ:

* mortgage brokers
* accountants (I've decided to go with trust structure, purchasing property and taking out loan in trust name with a non-independent director of corporate trustee as guarantor)
* solicitors (in both South and North Island)



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I was wondering can somebody recommend whether it is a good idea to purchase IPs in NZ using a hybrid trust (incorporated in Oz) or is it better to keep Oz investments completely separately from NZ?

Also, can somebody recommend a reliable accountants that will assist in getting the correct structure for investing in IPs in NZ? I have got a quote for NZ$2K + GST for setting up such a structure, is it the normal price?

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