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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by fernando, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. fernando

    fernando New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm a newcomer and I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Montreal Canada and I have just started to look at investing overseas. I have to admit the possibilities are very exciting.I am usually a very cautious person and I have some hesitation as this is all very new to me. I have done some preliminary research and am particularily intrested in Brazil. If anybody has any advice for a first-timer like me I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe there some good books out there sombody can recomend. I am primarily looking for a vacation property to rent out and would like some advice on how to start out. Places like Natal and Fortaleza look very promising. Anyway sorry for the long-winded introduction, I look foward to talking to you all.

  2. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi fernando ,

    Welcome to the forum!!!

    You will find a lot of interesting and informative information within the threads on the brazil section of the forum!!

    There are some very informative threads based on legal issues and processes as well as buyers information and steps which should be of much help to you!

    Take care speak soon- D :)
  3. fernando

    fernando New Member

    Thanks Lisa and Deedee for the welcome!
    Deedee you were right about the info you could find on all the threads, this is an excellent forum. Lisa thank you for the info it was very helpful, I will definitely be contacting you about some properties after I've done a little more research. Thanks again!
    Just a quick question. Does anybody know if the new airport in Natal will have direct flights from North America? As it stands now I would have to take a flight to Miami to Sao Paulo to Natal. Total duration time, roughly 23 hours. Needless to say it's a rather long trip. If anyone has some info on this matter I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks...
  4. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think the old airport might have direct flights anyway, you can also check salvador and fortaleza which are close by, also I suggest you find ask a brazilian travel specialist as sites like expedia, etc, are hopeless with anything unusual.

    You could also fly US->Panama->Salvador->Natal which is much shorter and nearly all in the same direction.

    Other than that I don't think it will get much better until the ongoing US/Brazil visa battle is resolved (highly unlikely) and US tourist numbers increase.
  5. PeixeGato

    PeixeGato New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am a newcomer as well and live in California. I have been to Brazil before and am just now starting to research real estate investing there. I, too, would like to purchase vacation property to rent out and am curious as to whether or not people have looked only at Natal/Fortaleza or whether after checking other places out, these were the areas with greatest potential.

    When I went to Brazil, I flew from JFK (NYC) to Sao Paulo, then caught a domestic flight from Sao Paulo to Salvador. I'm guessing anyone coming from the US will end up connecting either in Sao Paulo or Rio before moving on to Natal or Fortaleza. Of course, that was back in 2000, so things may be different now.

    Anyway, i look forward to learning and becoming part of a new community of like-minded people!


  6. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    Just like to pick up on the Latin America/US Visa battle you mentioned afew month ago now Robh as I have only just joined and now getting involved, I picked up onto some news the other week from Airline America stating that Bush is abolishing the visa restrictions on Latin America (much to his imigration department protest). He is doing this as US still have a 20% reduction in tourismover the last 5years against prior to 9/11 previos 5years so trying to make up the shortfall.

    So in return Brazil is to return the favour for US citizens so they can enter the country with ease with their passports. This is estimated to come into effect from around next summer. This could have a huge effect on tourism in North Brazil and price s!!!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone come across this info????
  7. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    Fernando, there's a flight thread on here where there has been a huge debate going on abou this. The reality is that it is exetremely difficult and expensive to get to NE Brazil from North America. As it stands at present virtually everything is routed through Rio or SP which has been the same for years. This is not helpful to the NE as you trightly say it makes the journey ridiculous. I wouldn't even look at Panama-Salvador as you'llneed to change in Miami first and the cost will be high. It seems that TAM do do a flight to Recife and maybe Natal/Salvador direct to JFK or MIA, but they masquerade as an AA flight (codeshare). That is your lot I am afraid at present. To be honest it is a ludicrous situation but not uncommon, South Africa has a simliar mentaility through J'burg. This is an issue that tourist authorities, Brazilian regional governments and property developers need to be pushing on as until this system is opened up, all the hype about NE brazil is worthless. Recife has a fantastic airport, just no international flights (or very few) and the ones that go there hop down the coast first. There is good and bad to this flight question as this is why I think current new developments are over priced..they can't be supplied cheaply. The other point of view is when they them rise in price...the question is my mind...if developers want to sell they should be writing to airlines and stating their case and building pressure. But, I bet you none of them have done that.
  8. PeixeGato

    PeixeGato New Member


    I haven't heard anything about this (not that I've been looking). This would be GREAT news and would make travel to Brazil MUCH less of a hassle. If the Bush administration was able to do this, it would be the one good/smart thing he has done in the last 7 years, lol!

  9. Investec

    Investec New Member

    Well i might as well join the newbie posts :eek:

    Hi evryone as you have gathered by now yes i am from Portugal i speak and write the lingo and yes i have also been in Brasil about 6 times now and i admit i have fallen in love with the place totally (not just the place as the people too as i believe that they make what this country really is )

    I have been studying property in Brazil for a good year or so now (Brazil estate ,buying procedures ,buying tips ,as an investment ,retirement ,prices ,offplan etc etc you name it i have had a look ,and got nowhere LOL :mad: ) sooo thats why i have joined this forum to get together with all you guys who are into are about to or already took the plunge and purchased .

    Guess thats it ,hope to speak with you guys sooner and later and thank you very much :)
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