New Approach To Properties In Bulgarian !

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Hello everyone,

I have seen some interesting posts here about investing in Bulgaria and thought to add my modest insight and suggestion for those who are still interested in investing in the opportunity!

1.From my experience on the Bulgarian property market (4 years) I have seen too many foreign investors investing without the clear strategy and very little understanding about property investing. They usually make basic investment mistakes and lose money.
2.Too many Real Estate Agents with hard selling techniques, short term vision , and no real understanding about investing principles. Most of them are mainly concerned about the sale not whether the property they sell fits the investor?s strategy and long term goals. Surely not all of them are like that but there are a lot?s of cowboys out there!

1.To invest in fast growing and developing economy ? wisely however.
2.To enter the market in relatively early stage.

Eight months ago several highly ethical and knowledgeable property investors and professionals joined together and created Sash Solutions: Independent Property Consultancy in Bulgaria.

1.We help our investors create a profitable and long term strategy providing independent information about the market and teaching them the basics of real estate investing.
2.We independently research the entire Bulgarian market to locate the properties that match their strategy and fit their goals.
3.Support our clients with complete solutions from the beginning until the end of their investment.

If you find any of this somewhat interesting please visit: Independent property Consultants,Bulgarian Property strategy,Invest in Bulgarian properties with skill and confidence,buy-to-let,capital growth,Free Bulgaria property buyers guide, Free investment property e-course - Sash Solutions- invesment Bulgaria property opportunities, for more information. There you will find two completely free independent sources of information: buyers guide and e-course.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Bulgarian property market and would benefit from independent advice.

Happy investing!
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