Need to rent in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia/Brazil

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Greetings everyone!

My husband, two pre-teens and I are leaving for an approx. 6 month stay in Brazil--2 months in Rio de Janeiro (July-September) and the remainder of the time in Bahia. We leave mid-July.

As this is a self-funded (and I do mean self) research trip, we are on a tight budget. We are not expecting luxury accommodations, but clean and comfortable is a must. We hope to have an apartment with cooking facilities or a house. We plan to leave before Carnaval/Carnival as the rent triples during this time.

Can anyone offer any assistance? If you have any information please reply at your earliest opportunity.


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Hi Nelson,
I'm in the process of locating housing in Rio as well. Is there a certain area of the city you're looking to reside? For example, my company is located in the Ipanema area of Rio, so I'll focus on that neighborhood.

I've also lived in Ilheus, Bahia. What city are you looking towards? I'd highly recommend visiting, if not staying in Salvador. It's a personal favorite and the largest city in Bahia.
See you soon
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