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My target purchase is Morocco

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by desmond, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. desmond

    desmond New Member

    No income Tax on the rent (double Taxation agreement applies so no UK Tax will apply) - note I am only looking at high quality property within a low rise, low density mega resort (classy though) with 3 18 hole golf courses, hospital, equestrian center, polo pitch, water parks, gucci and other leading retailers on sight, 800 berth marina, and my property has a 60 year mooring berth (very rare) all fully managed including the rent side, forested green area, full security, restaurants, cinemas, Olympic pools, bowling alley, shopping center - all very tastefully done in Moroccon style by UK and Spanish builders - so renting will be easy).

    *Capital Gains Taxed @ 20% in first 5 years. Between 5 - 10 years its 10%. After 10 years its 0.

    *The King has announced 'plan Azur', which aims to have Morocco become a premier destination by 2010.

    *Huge developments - Dubai style are underway backed by none other than Emaar Properties

    *An 8km tunnel will link Gibralter to Tangiers by 2008
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  2. trent

    trent New Member

    Seems cheap, but what impresses me about Morocco is the combination of fantastic beaches, 3 hour flights and a Government heel bent on putting everything in place to ensure it becomes a world class tourism market, for example no income Tax on rents coupled with huge infrastructure investment to include a tunnel being built between Gibralter and Tangier.
    Also many agents are selling the place which is a sure sign of market momentum.
    To really make a decent investment I suggest the Mediterrania Saidia site. It offers total security and luxury, unlike the other smaller out on a limb sites. This will be crucial to rental markets. You can buy a marina berth for ?10000 on a 60 year lease, I suspect the rental return on this alone will be significant.
    Gucci, Armani and Budha Bars have all acquired commercial premises on this site - that in itself will create hype and expectation. There are apartments from about ?70000, these will become gold dust within 5 years.
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