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Hi Guys and Gals

OK i have lived in Spain for over 3 years now, I have 7 properties, 3 owned outright and 4 Off Plans.
I buy all my properties Off Plan because i like the control it gives me, i buy, wait and then see if everything i predicted comes true...........RISKY........... not really, as in the worst case (and its happend only once) I get my money back by selling at what i bought for.
My plan is to have 15 properties bought outright, and then rent them or sell them.
I am in the process of buying 3 more units in the area and development close to where Disney will be.
Then thats it for a few years, I also like to play the stock markets, but thats for fun only.
I am thinking of going global when the other countries in my sites have calmed down a bit, I know people say get in now, right at the beginning, but why gamble.
I buy in a market I know will appreciate well and strongly, then take my profits and do it again.
I DONT gamble in property, i make smaller stronger profits, why GAMBLE on an area that people are still unsure of, NOT ME.

well thats it

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