My Romanian Experience



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Since discovering this website I am horrified by how many people have negative things to say about Romania. Personally speaking, as regards investment advice and service, the last year has been a total pleasure for me.

I absolutely love Brasov where I have now 2 apartments on Republicii.

The first apartment I purchased was a 2 bedroomed in the Historical Quarter and I subsequently renovated it with the help of our agents at Investment Romania. The work was carried out to an exceptionally high standard and I love what they have done. I know that the property is worth so much more than we payed for it.

My 2nd purchase is a small one bed that is currently being renovated by the Investment Romania team and again I am more than satisfied with the work and especially the fact they have a tenant lined up for me on completion, which is 2 weeks away. I am confident they will deliver on time.

Finally and most importantly, I have to wonder why so many people are on this web site complaining about the off plan they have purchased. Only this morning when I was in Bucharest I went to see the off plan studios my partner and I purchased through Investment Romania last June

The exterior of the building was not completed, but what has been plastered gives me an indication of how good the finish will look.

On going into the building we met Gabi the developer who, as always, was delighted to see me and had a huge grin on his face. He then insisted on showing me around and I could tell he took such pride in what he has done, and rightly so as he has done a fantastic job. I was truly delighted.

The work has been done to an exceptionally high standard. I actually believe that it is superior to a lot that I have looked at in Dublin. All the apartments had large windows in them and this really set them off as apartments can be so dark and I think it very important to have light.

They were spacious, even my studios, which have exceeded my expectations have good sized kitchens and have been cleverly designed for pull down American type beds that leave a very large sized living room when the bed is simply folded away.

The kitchens, which were supplied by Investment Romania and included in the purchase price were what I requested,a marbelled effect white in one studio and brown in the other. Well fitted and looked very attractive.

The bathroom is done in plain beige with a borderline beading tile and looks great.It will not date quickly.

The floors are tiled in a grey tile and the workmanship is very professional and I could tell how satisfied Gabi was with my delight in what he has done as he had a huge grin from ear to ear as he showed me around.

My studios cost 66,000 euro and a pre-rental contract has already been signed on one for 400 euros per month and I am truly delighted with everything.

I cannot speak highly enough of Romania and the Investments I have made. I cannot take the credit for my investments, but have to hand it to David Howe as I was very lucky to have been telephoned by him a year ago, after a preliminary e mail about a property I was buying off plan in Brasov from a UK gent with a guaranteed rental income. David Howe strongly advised me against buying this, and was proved right as the property we were initially buying that was to be ready last March, has, as David said, not been built.

Romania is a fabulous place, and a fantastic place to invest, I am so happy with the investments I have made, am stress free as regards management of my investments by Investment Romania team, and would recommend it to anyone looking somewhere to escape to, or somewhere to make money.

Geraldine Ryan