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my investment in Dubai

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by sihameel, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. sihameel

    sihameel New Member

    Dubai has now become the home of major sporting events such as the Dubai World Cup horse race, the Dubai Tennis Open and the Desert Classic Golf Tournament. Over 2.8 million tourists visited Dubai in 2003 and it is expectected to be 15 million by 2010. One of Dubai's greatest visitor attractions is its superb shopping. As an open port with low import duties, Dubai's retail prices are reasonable and the variety of products available is virtually unrivalled. Free of tax, many top brand-name products are cheaper in Dubai than in the countries of their origin.
    Why Invest in property in Dubai
    * World-class infrastructure.
    * No Corporate or Income Tax.
    * 100% Freehold Properties.
    * Excellent Rental Yields.
    * Forward-looking responsive government.
    * Residency Visa granted with purchase.
    * 1.5BN people within 2hrs flying time.
    As a leading regional commercial hub with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class business environment, Dubai provides investors with unique and comprehensive value-added platform that making it a logical place to invest. For property investment, Dubai is without equal, offering excellent rental yields, freehold properties, no corporate or income tax, residency visa with every purchase, a population that is due to increase six fold over the next ten years and thoroughly modern and quality residences at great value prices.
  2. Ivorycoast

    Ivorycoast New Member

    A friend of mine working at one of the mega real estate companies there told me that in one of thier projects they started selling at the price of X $/sq ft, in the morning and after they saw the queue of buyers they ended up selling at 1.4X $/sq ft in the evening !!

    Dubai's market is a world by it self .....
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