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Hey Guys,

I am applying for a fellowship that would allow me to spend a month or two in Munich amongst other foreign cities. I was wondering if anyone has any tips/estimates on housing for such a duration.

Also, could anyone supply me with an estimate on how much food and general living expenses might be?



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Hi Drew,
Compared to other German areas, Munich is quite expensive. But the prices for food are comparable to the ones in the US in general. Eating out is a little bit more expensive, though.

Apartments have very different prices depending on the area in Munich. Be aware that an unfurnished apartment has really no furniture, sometimes even no kitchen, at least no fidge, etc.
For a short stay you would probably search for an apartment or a room e.g. sharing a flat with students.
Have a look at
or if you want your own furnished apartment - very simple furnished but cheap for a short stay (moderated)
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