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Hey All,
I recently joined this group in hope of exchanging information and ideas about moving to Portugal. My wife and adult daughter and I have traveled to Portugal on 3 separate month vacations. We have explored the Western Coast as far north as Coimbra, the Algarve and the Alentejo area. Our dream, since our first visit, was to someday find a home in this beautiful country and start a different life for ourselves. This is our ancestries' roots and feel a strong bond to the wonderful people and their perspective on life.

I have researched, on a limited bases, different prospects. The one that is of most interest is to own and operate a small farm. We feel a combination of cork, citrus and vineyard with the possibility of sheep or other small livestock would best fit our desires and abilities.

The area of Southern Alentejo west to the coast or rural Algarve, either with a short driving distance to the oceans is our most desirable locations.

I would welcome any advice, sharing of similar personal experience, or suggestions in how we can make our dream come true.

Thank you


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Hello Logan,
Thanks for joining us in the forums - more those who would like to be are appearing all the time...
Reading through your plans, I wonder if you will need some form of finance, such as a mortgage or similar? If so, it might be worth submitting a mortgage enquiry on this site to give you an idea. As with any individuals planning to expatriate, there is no substitute for professional tax advice, to ensure your money goes as far as possible in Portugal.

I hope someone with helpful suggestions for you will post a reply shortly,

Best of luck,


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i think that you must come to the region of santa comba dao(central portugal),it,s a quiet and beutifull region with lots of water and near the sea.
if you any help contact me i can help you with the property that you are looking.
best regards tome


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central portugal

i think that the best region to come and live is the region of santa comba dao.
this is the best region tol live and find properties.
its a very green region with big lakes and near the sea and spain.
if you need any help contact me to [email protected]
regards miguel


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Learn the Language.

Diane aka Mamacats
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North Algarve is also good area!

Hi! That is a very good area, Ourique area is very nice and you can get a very good farm and renovate an old house all together maximum 250 k! But remember that north Algarve you can get it also for that kind of money! Spend sometime in those areas, you can get nice properties for less than 100 k and develop for another 100 k just abouts.

James Glassbrook

I hope that you have a large enough income to live on as well as capital for the purchase because if not your dream will turn into a nightmare.Plan carefully.
Good luck,

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I would assume that they would have decided by now as the original question was asked nearly 3 years ago ! ;)



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Moving to Portugal to be a farmer? Without knowing the language? You're buying a nightmare


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Dream come true

Hi Logan and family,

Love your idea, hope you make it happen!

I live in "paradise," some of the best beaches in Portugal and yet close to agricultural land.

Tróia, Comporta, Carvalhal, Carrasqueira....

Let me know a few more details, and if you like the above areas, I am sure I can help.