Moving to Portugal ? Lisbon

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Welcome all,
I am looking to move to Portugal in September for 6 months - possibly longer.

Does anyone have any experiences or advice that I should hear before I go? Are there any websites specifically for English people living in Portugal?

I have a place to stay and enough cash to survive and am looking to get some temping jobs in IT to help me through.

I need advice specifically on taking money (should I open a bank account for example) and where to go if I need help and want to speak to an English person (an advice centre perhaps?) and specifically a good accommodation. May be I would take a house on rent.

I know half a dozen people over there that all speak English and are helping me so I won?t be completely stuck but I welcome everyone?s thoughts and ideas!

Many thanks


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Hi Fabian
I am also interested in moving to Portugal and would like to hear of any experiences in relation to Portuguese attitudes to expats. After reading some horror stories (on another message board) regarding how the Spanish treat the Brits I am keen to hear of positive and negative experiences.
Thanks all.

John Temple

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Moving to Portugal from UK


We used TSA Removals on our move from UK to Portugal.
They have warehouse in Manchester and London and also in Portugal.

I know they also cover USA and most of European countries and Scandinavia.

They offered good service and competitive rate.

Ask them for a quote.

They cover all Country
Hope it helps,

John Temple
Lagos, Portugal


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As the original post was four & a half years ago I suspect he's already moved what he needed to.
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