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My house on market in UK at ?75000 to bring with us when sold rent or buy? Got 2 boys 5 and 10 years. Wife is a hair dresser and I am Greenkeeper. Need advice. Please help. Fed up with the UK crime, Tax, bad schooling etc. Need to save my kids from getting ruined. Logos area or Wes Coast are preferred to be settled in Portugal.


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Hi Don't want to be a damper on things but as you have 2 kids and I assume you will have to find work at some stage, I think you need to think things through very carefully and do loads of research. Unfortunately, I have seen a fair few people come and go, because they haven't thought things through properly and ended up scratching around to try to make a living, not having enough to get by and having to return. Not a nice situation to be in, especially after having uprooted the whole family. My advice would be to rent for at least a year to see whether you really like it here and to experience the climate all year round. The weather can range from blisteringly hot to downright cold and damp. As obvious as it may seem, living in another country is far different from a 2 week holiday. You say you will have a fair bit of money to bring with you, which is good. I think you should have a safety net of at least a year's survival money behind you. Start learning Portuguese now, if you don't already speak the language and keep learning every day. The grass always looks greener, as they say, so whilst Portugal may statistically have less crime and seem a nicer environment, it can be a little dull if you need a lot of entertainment and stimulation and the way of life can take some getting use to. Not sure about the education system, as I don't have kids, but I have heard that the quality of Portuguese education isn't as good as the UK and Germany etc. However, they would at least learn another language and have the experience of living in another country, which is an education in itself. I am sure others can advise better on this. Anyhow, good luck with your decision and make sure if you do decide to stay and buy a house etc to read mine and others tips on buying property.


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if you want a good place and quiet to live come to the region of central portugal,i think that is the best region to live,its a quiet region with lots of lakes and very green.
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yes, central portugal is fantastic. but thats good advice to do your research and start learning poertuguese.
pure portugal have a .info website that may help (cant post urls yet!)


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Have you spent any length of time at all in Portugal?

Southern Portugal and the island of Madeira are probably the best options assuming that you and/or your wife will be looking for work and that neither of you speak the language as they are the main tourist destinations where you don't have to actually speak the language to make do.

Both the Algarve and Madeira have decent english speaking schools for the kids and an active expat community.

Just about everywhere in Portugal people speak English to some degree however no matter what they say, they really appreciate it when you at least attempt to understand the Portuguese language. Having grown up in Portugal and having lived in the Algarve, Madeira, Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto over the years, I can say that it's a great place to grow up, as long as you get into the language.


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Hello Mr. Bennett,

My first time in the web site...

I have read your message and I think that is better to rent in the first 1-2 years... then you can buy.

The first year is very important to you and your family. You have to see if everything is like you thought!

I advise you to come for a period of 6 months a 1 year to see if you adopted…se the schools, chose a private wealth plan, to find a job or open your business…

Normally, renting a house of 2/3 rooms it can cost you, approximaly € 1000-1500 EUROS

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I would advise for you to make the trial rent starting on October to January. As those are the months where people don´t normally go to Algarve because it's whe autumn-Winter season. As so you'll experience the life of Algarve with those who live there. From May to September turists (national and international) begin their mass stayings and that gives a boost in terms of events and fun (for your kids). So if things ain´t going well when Spring and Summer hits you will gain a 'moral boost' as your kids realize that they can make lots of new friends every year.

I think it´s better than the opposite. Starting with all the excitement and movement and then seing it go away gradually.
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