Moving to Nijmegen in Netherlands

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Hi All,

We are an Irish Couple moving to Nijmegen. I have acquired an Engineering position with a large multinational, however my partner has not acquired any employment as of yet.

What do I need to get set-up for her as she will be moving on spec, any advice would be appreciated. Is she entitled to unemployment assistance on arrival and has anyone got advice on health insurance and cover as I will be covered under compact policy.

Also what are the opportunities for employment. Her background is in Retail Fashion, Medical Administration and general administration.
Any help/assistance would be appreciated.


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hi christopher,
I am an American living here in the Netherlands. The requirements for an American to live and work here is somewhat different than those from the EU. I would suggest looking at the IND site and it should give you the information you need. Nijmegan is a nice city and I hope that your move will go smoothly.
all the best
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