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Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by albert, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. albert

    albert New Member

    Hi new friends,
    There's a lot of great advice about moving to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but I'm moving to Krabi province, and wondering if anyone has specific advice. It's a tourist area, but nonetheless, many of the services one would easily come by in the cities, don't exist or are tough to find there.

    I don't have one specific question at the moment, but if anyone who has experience wants to share some advice and/or experiences I'd love it.
  2. andy

    andy New Member

    I currently live in Krabi province; I have for nearly 2 years.

    So when you do get some specific questions, ask away!

    By the way, what services are you referring to?

    Finding a place to live? - Not so hard, but you do have to spend a few days (weeks) living in a guesthouse while you drive around and find places for rent because there really is no rental property real-estate offices. Guesthouses are very cheap right now as everyone is struggling to make money with the general absence of tourism.

    Finding a job? - Depends on what you are looking for: if you are a teacher, I had a friend come into town and was hired by 2 places in a week (but the wages are crap here compared to Bangkok, as are the general architectural condition of the schools)

    Visa runs? - loads of places offer these sorts of services and if you want to do it yourself there are many busses leaving Krabitown to Hat Yai all day, every day.

    Ok, tired of typing, let me know what you need to know - it would be helpful to know what part of Krabi province you are planning to head to. A province is a pretty wide area.
    Keep in touch
  3. J33nyw

    J33nyw New Member

    Hi there

    There is lots of information about moving to Thailand but I have noticed it is all mainly by men. I am a Uk woman wanting to move with my 2 children to Krabi or Koh Lanta, I would like to know if there are other women that have made the move? Are there good schools in Krabi or on Lanta? and what advice could you give me for finding a teaching job, I am qualified as Teaching assistant in the Uk but do not have a degree, is it possible for me to find work as a teacher? Do you think I should get the TEFL or CELTA before I go? I do not mind doing the visa runs and will be moving with visa from Hull before I go, is this the best way to do it?? any advice will be much appreciated, thanks
  4. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    You should know more about the place, security, safety, etc. The place should be at least close to a store or grocery or gasoline station where you can easily buy basic commodities and other stuffs that you need.
  5. mariaambugnao

    mariaambugnao Banned

    I think still the best thing to do is to get to know the place first before you totally choose to move in for you to be assure that you are going to be safe there and your security will not be at risk. Always prioritize your security and safety so that you will not be sorry at the end of the day when you already moved out.
  6. Elaxar

    Elaxar New Member

    Before all thing, Please take time to learn about your destination area by yourselves. Come to Thailand and take time for live in a short trip. You have to check many things for your child. Facilities for your children are more important thing. About the job, its possible to be teacher in Thailand but you didn't have any degree or license. I think you should live in Bangkok or other main province [like ChiangMai or Pattaya] for 1-2 years before you move to krabi. Basically, If you make your positioning in Thailand to be strong, you will have a chance to take advantage more others depend on the line of subject which you teach before. And in this country, foreigner will receive a good opportunities and trust from local people in easier if you sincere and try to talk with them.

    Hope someday you come to visit my country
  7. CNX_Bruce

    CNX_Bruce New Member

    I realise that this is an old thread .. and that this is very obvious to some readers but ... it's HOT in Krabi. We live in Chiang Mai and took a holiday in Krabi in what was not meant to be the hottest time of the year ... we had a young child at the time and could do very little outside ... even taking a boat trip (in a covered boat) was uncomfortable. As others have stated .. always rent a room in a guest house for a month or so before committing to live in a place ... and wait at least a year before thinking about buying a place
  8. beverley

    beverley New Member

    living costs

    Can anyone help

    We are considering retiring to Sri Lanka or Krabi.

    I had no difficulty in requiring living costs for Sri Lanka however, it has been very difficult to aquire these costs forKrabi. We hope to buy somewhere and spend our days peacefully.
    For example

    Food shopping
    Eating out occasionally
    Normal month to month living costs

    Any help would be welcome

    Thank you
  9. Elaxar

    Elaxar New Member

    If you interest to living in Thailand. There are many area which you can live in peaceful. But you have to know more information. I hope I can give you some advises but you have to tell me more. And you should know more about Thai regulation.
  10. ted

    ted New Member

    I have lived in Phuket, Thailand for 10 years. The quality of life is good here and the infrastructure has come on a long way. Sure there are some problems, but hasn't everywhere?

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