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Moving to house in Portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by ismael, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. ismael

    ismael New Member

    I am another new member looking for some answers. Although the Internet is a great way of finding out some things, others need to have that personal touch. For instance, my husband and I have just bought a house in Azinhal and hope to move there permanently in early 2007. We have decided to take some things from our present house and are currently getting quotes for removals. One of the things I wanted to take were a couple of rather nice table lamps but, on looking on Portuguese supermarket sites (eg Continent) all the light bulbs appear to be the screw fitting. Is it possible to get bayonet light bulbs or should I dump my English lamps? Also, are phone connections the same as in the UK?
  2. jacab

    jacab New Member

    Hi Ismael,

    I am not sure about whether you can get the bulbs a friend of ours who took English lights out to Portugal also took a case full of bulbs.

    Re Telephones you can buy an international adapter your phone plugs into it then it plugs into the phone socket in can buy them in home base and I am told Maplins.

    However, your English phone may not ring. I have yet to test the theory. I have the gizmo and will be testing shortly so will let u know...
  3. f_ribeiro

    f_ribeiro New Member

    The best solution is to bring the lamps and then get an electritian to change them for screw fitting.
    Regarding the telephone, the sockets are diferent. Better if you buy a new one in Portugal.

  4. Mamacats

    Mamacats New Member

    The supermarkets do not sell the bulbs you are looking for but lighting store which sell lamps and lighting do sell those types of bulbs.

    *Most furniture here is not the best of quality so if you have bedrooms sets of 100% wood of quality I advise to bring it since this is extremely expenxive here.

    Diane aka Mamacats
    Ragdoll Breeder
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