Moving to Greece need advice

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I am taking the plunge and...moving to Greece on my own probably to an island (I have friends in Athens)

The best way seems to me to come over in September for a month or so (as much so as possible ) to Zante, where there is a large ex-pat community, rent a room from one of them hopefully and then talk to people and do a bit of traveling to find the best place to settle.

Does that sound sensible or what and does anyone know of someone looking for a very quiet 55 year old woman who will be invisible to rent a room to.


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Hello Lorenzo,
Sounds reasonable but it really depends on what you want from Greece. Do you want to be surrounded by expats or in the general community? In a city or town? On the mainland or an island (lonely in Winter)?

What are you looking for here?
Warm Regards
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