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Discussion in 'India property' started by lukas, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. lukas

    lukas New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a print finishing manager for the past 30yrs. I am now retired through ill health, and am moving to Goa in the next 12 months. We have a place at Culva beach that our friend is now building for us. When I ask Richard about residency and general information he says don?t worry, but I would like to find some things out for myself. We would welcome any information on residency and any pitfalls that may occur.

    Lots of Thanks
  2. lorenzo

    lorenzo New Member

    Hey lukas,
    I agree with Mitzyboy. Have you already purchased the property? As I understand foreign nationals can't buy unless they set up a company.
    We too are planning on moving to Goa in the near future, have written to organizations about residency and purchasing property. I've been trying to find information from expats too.

    A colleague went to Goa yesterday, says his friends have been living there for a few years. I've given him a list of questions to ask his friends if I get any useful information I will let you know.
    Thank you
  3. nancyarora2020

    nancyarora2020 New Member

    How about investing in Goa property?

    There are lots of option. You can buy plot, flat, villa. If we buy a 2 BHK flat in panaji it will cost you 10 lacs. If you opt for a beach side flat then the SFT price increases to Rs2500/- to 3000/- per SFT because of tourist. Most of the appt, villas are given for rent when they are near to beaches. Not all the beaches are famous. We found Baga and calagute beaches are the most famouse among all other beaches.Calangute comes under gram panchyat and the roads are very narrow. In the evening you can experience the traffic jam.2 years back prices were less but it's totally different now. When you buy a appt / villa near beach there would be huge maintenance cost due to humid weather.At this moment we are really confused whether we should invest in Goa or not?One taxi driver was telling recently Govt has decided that people only from Goa can buy land in Goa. In that we can't buy land in Goa. The same is in Himachal Pradesh. This is really stupid. When we pay tax, some part of it goes to these state also. Then as an India we should be able to buy land in all the places in India.What do you think? please share your though with us.
  4. sha-sl

    sha-sl New Member

    That's good to hear from you . As you decided to move to goa . This place is the only one place which has lto's of beaches , alot of tourist's visit this place doth domestic and foregin tourists . This place is known for it's herritage. Investing over here is an good option .
  5. Ricardo123

    Ricardo123 New Member


    We are now for more than 2 years in Goa, after been 40 years in europe.
    We are Person of Indian Orgine.Our childeren like this place very much and we also do.
    Now we have set up a company and enjoying our life.
    We are dealing in apartments in north Goa.
    I am ready to answer your question.
  6. ollie

    ollie New Member

    Hi there,

    we just spent 1 month in Goa (october) and would like to move out there for good one day. We have spoken to quite a few expats and they pretty much all said to be very careful when buying in Goa. The deeds are very old and dates from the portuguese times. It is quite complicated as it is hard to find out who the real owners are.
    We're going back to Goa in march and gona try to find out more.


  7. andrewsmith

    andrewsmith New Member

    I am from India and I am planning to move Goa in next couple of months, I think I have to look at this forum to see the properties in Goa!
  8. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    Goa is the best place to visit , I don't know much about land costs at goa.
  9. wecare

    wecare New Member

    if you want to live in goa then it's good for you why means that is nice place to live for good standard live and luxurious life if it's possible then you can spend upto 20 lacs and can move for better life

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