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Moving to France in June 2007

Discussion in 'French Property' started by albert, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. albert

    albert New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Property in parts of the UK takes as long to shift as in France. We hope we have finally sold in the UK after nearly two years of intensive marketing and five chains that did not complete! And anticipate moving to France in June 2007. Can anyone recommend a good currency exchange service? Our plan is to caravan at preferred locations to see where we finally want to live. Has anyone bought by going directly to a vendors home in response to an advert and was this easier than using an agent?
    Thank you
  2. malachi

    malachi New Member

    Hi Albert,
    I'll be house hunting in a couple of weeks but I think I'd be too much of a scared cat to go cold calling. Would it be worth enquiring at the Mairie for a few pointers towards people in the village selling privately I wonder?
    Keep in touch
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