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Moving to Dubai this December

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by leonardo, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. leonardo

    leonardo New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm moving to Dubai with work in a few weeks and have a couple of question on logistics.

    1. Accommodation. where's good to live? I'll be working in Bur Dubai and I've got around Dh6,800 a month for accommodation. On this money should I be looking for a poky 1 bedroom apartment or a villa? Is accommodation easy to find? Does anyone have experience of sharing a villa?
    (I'll be flying solo for 6 months, so would be happy to share a villa and meet some people. After that my girlfriend is coming over so I'd want my own place. I know it's technically illegal, but I'm told no-one really minds!)

    2. Cars. How much does a car cost? I've got around Dh1,700 a month for transport. Will that cover a nice shiny Land Rover, or should I be heading to the second-hand taxi dealer?

    Thanks in advice. I'd love to hear other peoples' experiences.
  2. nelson

    nelson New Member

    Hi Leonardo
    The accommodation budget may just about work if you get it in a lump sum, so you can pay upfront for a year (a crazy but scary fact of renting here). - If you were to sub-rent, you will have no problem - most nice places go for around 4k a month (all inclusive).

    Your car budget is ok - you can rent something pretty standard for a while, then banks require 3 months bank history before getting a car loan. Over a 4 year period, you can get a good car worth 90K!
    Keep in touch
  3. Erichbuhler

    Erichbuhler New Member

    sorry I'm bothering you but I've no idea what to do and I need help. I'm a SouthAmerican (Uruguayan) who is going to Dubai next December (from 19 to 24th).
    I originally phoned the Youth hostel to make a reservation and they said that I should emailed them 20 days before. Now... after reading some comments in the forum I'm totally horrorised!!!! The main reason it's because I don't have enough money to pay a luxury hotel and I'm not sure there's gonna be space there!.

    So... I would like to ask you if you know the area and you think that it's possible just to land and try to find a cheap hotel there, instead of assuming that I'll find a place in the hostal. In some countries you can do that but I'm not sure you can do that in Dubai and in December. Could you give me a hand?

    Thanks a lot !!!!
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    1) Think of buying something so that the renatl amount will go towards your EMI. That amount will cover the rent for a studio.

    2) You should be able to buy a decnt SUV like a Honda Pilot with a 20% down payment. Buy a new car as a second hand car wil only add to your troubles.

    Good luck and welcome to the jungle :D


  5. shazia essa

    shazia essa New Member

    hi roshan
    what do you mean by jungle?
    i am a 35 year old husband and i are both involved in the south african real estate market. we would like to experience living in dubai or preferably abu dhabi and getting into the market there. i have 3 kids age 12 10 and 5. i would like to apply for a job in the real estate field . where do you suggest i apply. i want something on a senior level as we both have tremendous sales experience. i want something with a package wher i get accommodation and schooling paid for my children . my husband can then afford to work on commission. what can you suggest. i am not in a hurry. we can wait until next year july due to the new school year starting.
    will appreciate any help
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