Moving Out Of Uk, Suggest A Good Place

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Hi I am looking to move from England, I am really tired of this place. Somewhere warm would be nice, even if it gets cold a bit. A place where things aren't as expensive as here. Language is a thing to consider, Can speak Portuguese, but looking for a place where my husband will be able to work and speak English.
Tips, ideas? We are a young couple, twenties.


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My parents NEARLY emigrated 50 years ago, I nearly emigrated 10 years ago. I have come to the conclusion that if you have kids you live your life reactively to their needs/demands. I have decided to buy in Nova Scotia for my Grandkids when they eventually arrive, so that I can try and break the vicious circle of leaving ones family. Saying that technology makes the whole process a heck of a lot easier. In Nova Scotia the summers are warmer and the winters are colder. If you are serious I may be able to offer you a 5 bedroom house (which needs renovation) at a very good price with some land for living the good life with English speaking neighbours.
Good Luck

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Nova Scotia has the best quality of life of anywhere in North America. I moved here from Florida and don't mind the winters at all. Good growing season, great people, and a beautiful province.

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Portugal does have opportunites for english

Hi There.

I am in my late 20's and moved out to the algarve region of portugal just under 2 years ago!

The weather is fantastic for at least 300 days of the year and as you can already speak portuguese and english you'll be well set on the work front.

Everyone's ranting on about the recession but things here in the past few months have been as good as ever...

I have a portuguese partner and unfortunately still can't master the language however I have a good job with career progression and actually quite a good salary by portuguese standards.

Cost of living here is drastically less then the UK. On 500euros a month I could afford to live ok ish.

People here know how to make the best out of life and what they've got, and there isn't any of that got to do everything like yesterday crap..... or the she's got it i've got to have it. There is also a very large british community out here and everyone here speaks english fluently.

Its the best thing I ever did and I have no doubts in saying I will never return to the UK.

It may appear to be a backward country at times and a little 3rd world ish, but it is growing and I believe will continue to get better and provide opportunities for the future. What is backward however is a freshing change to the UK and none of that got to be PC all the time rubbish and do as the EU asks without question. If the portuguese don't want to do something they won't and the same applies to everyone who lives here..

plus got to admit being able to sunbath on the beach in October is pretty amazing in its self.... god I could go on forever about the place!!
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