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Moving into Belgium from Scotland

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by julio, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. julio

    julio New Member

    I?m a 19 year old guy and I?m planning to move to Belgium at the end of this summer if possible, I have been to the Flemish region of Belgium 8 times in the last few years and I intend to move to this area I have a large amount of friends who appreciate me there, they also cant wait till I move, and I have also stayed with families of friends to great success getting to know a variety of ages of locals. I am learning Dutch at the moment and all is going learning...him. I?ve been thinking bout moving for over a year and just want to go so much...I know it would be a big change for a young guy but I want to take the chances of living a Belgian life, can any of you people give me any advice of any sort that you think would be of help...things you had to do in order to move??? Anything from finding a place to live on to legal forums and first thing I will buy a house over there...
    Thanks so much
  2. keegan

    keegan New Member

    Hi Julio,

    Migrating from UK to Belgium is easy. The EU makes it that easy that you don't have more paperwork (or hardly more) than if you'd move from Dundee to Glasgow or so. I did the other way around: I am Belgian but living in the UK (Northern Ireland) and my move went absolutely smoothly.

    As for job hunting: VDAB: Werk en opleidingen in Vlaanderen is the site with all the vacancies, most are in Dutch but there's always a minority in English as well. Apart from that there's,, ... I may advise you to check SITEL (SITEL : Call Center Outsourcing, Customer Service, Technical Support, Contact Center Management, Telemarketing) where I worked before emigrating out of Belgium, it's a call center and they look for English speakers often, once you got that job you're in the country and can slowly learn Dutch, after learning Dutch you have the option of finding a better job. Hotels also need people sometimes without requiring Dutch.

    Good luck.
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