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My husband and I (and now two children age 2 and 1yrs) are planning to return to Australia in late 2007 / early 2008. We are originally from Brisbane but have worked in many other places ... i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland (NZ),Manila, Hong Kong and for the last six years we've been in London, England.

We left pre-GST for Australia.

Has anyone any tips for moving back. I am trying to lighten the load and aiming to take everything back on the plane. (Wish me luck on this one but I think it's possible). We are not very materialistic and are atypical Australians in that respect. We also have to buy a house there in Australia.

Would welcome any tips, hints on what Australia is like now and things we need to consider....

Thanking you in advance.


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Hi Alexander,
I'm sorry but as an Aussie living in Adelaide I'm trying to get out of here & am planning to re-locate to the UK next year!! So, I don't have many positive things to say about Oz. Life here under Johnny Howard is Ok if you're fairly well off - if you're just a middle of the road teacher here like me then it's hard yakka & not easy to save any money. Racism is on the rise, people live pretty much in their own bubbles, it's terribly bland, dull & a long way from anywhere.

Lots of people think Adelaide is a great place to bring up kids but I would only recommend moving here if you don't mind feeling permanently anaesthetized!! If I HAD to move back to Australia, I would choose Brisbane - a rapidly growing economy, very cosmopolitan now & not too expensive (yet!) & direct international flights.

Good luck guys!!


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Old thread, current issues

While this is an older message, the issues it raises are still current.

Australia is the most livable country in the world, but the definition of 'livable' differs depending on where you choose to live down under.

Big cities like Melbourne and Sydney are very different to quieter 'lifestyle' capitals like Hobart and Adelaide. Brisbane and Perth are where the lucrative mining jobs are. Where you live really depends on your profession, income and lifestyle preferences.

By the way, if moving to Australia permanently, I recommend shipping possessions (including furniture) over in a container.