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move in to portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by EHV, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. EHV

    EHV New Member

    Good day everyone. Autumn 2007 i was in Portugal (Ericeira) and completely fell in love with this country. Now the only thing i have in my mind is to move in to Portugal from Estonia, where i live and work.
    I just wanted to know, if anyone knows, i have a building company, that is engage in building and constructioning of private glud beam (timber) wooden houses. I would not like to leave it here, because i `ve spent a lot of time and money to rise it, is it real to promote this company in Portugal?

    The villa i lived in was made of stone. How about the wooden houses ? Do they have any popularity in Portugal?

    Best wishes to everyone,

  2. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

  3. villasluz

    villasluz New Member

    The wooden houses are known here in Portugal, but I would say that this type of houses are more or less still in the "baby shoes"...
    You will need time and money to advertise heavily the advantages of wooden houses.
    Good luck!
  4. Mamacats

    Mamacats New Member

    I agree with Villasluz;

    You would need to heavily advertise and even then.............
    My sister in law would like to have one built but her husband will not agree since there are many flash fires and not nearly enough fireman support available in the area ( Leiria), a heavily populated area with pine tress.

    Diane aka Mamacats
    Ragdoll Breder
  5. f_ribeiro

    f_ribeiro New Member

    Hello all

    As an architect, I don't advice wooden houses in Portugal.

    The climate is not very friendly for exposed wood. The sun deteriorates the wood quickly wich raises maintenance costs.

    Also, because of the variation on the temperatures along the year, houses on Mediterranean climates should have mass, heavy internal walls (stone or concrete preferably) that can help regulate temperature.

    To do a good wooden house one needs experienced builders with this type of construction and that is extremely difficult to find. Of course one can buy a catalogue house, but that is like buying a suit pret-a-porter. It's nice if you don't have to wear for 20 years. In that case a custom made suit is mode advisable (yes using an architect to design your house is more adequate if you intend to live there and not just for holidays).
  6. kimbal

    kimbal New Member


    If you are serious about the wooden house business I would really consider the Central region of Portugal. Think you will have to be quick though as know of a couple of companyies who are already setting up to do the same due to the increase in popularity. Got more info if you need.


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