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Mosaic Glass Bathroom Tiles in Hurghada

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by cuerdley1989, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. cuerdley1989

    cuerdley1989 New Member

    We are desperately looking for a retailer in Hurghada that sells mosaic glass bathroom tiles.
    Has anybody found or seen any in the tiles shops in Hurghada?
    Would be really grateful for any advice.
  2. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    Try Nile Kitchen and Bathroom in El Nasr Street. I am not sure if I have seen them there but he also has a place in Cairo and all his stuff comes from there so there should not be a problem sourcing them.

  3. cuerdley1989

    cuerdley1989 New Member

    Hi Margaret - many thanks for that. We were in their shop a couple of weeks ago, but were looking at kitchens and not tiles at the time. Do you know if they have a website?
  4. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    They do, but it looks as though it shows their kitchens. They have an contact e-mail address. I will pm it to you.

  5. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    Dear M Butler,
    Everyday on my way from and to work I walk by a branch from Cleopatra Ceramic Group.
    They are located in Sheraton street, in the part that is one direction only, about 300 to 400 m after Starfish.
    I went inside yesterday to ask for you if they have them and they do. In different colours.
    I've got their business card, which I'll PM to you.

    Warm greetings,

    Huda at pyramids
  6. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    That was extremely kind of you Huda. I wonder if you could also PM it to Cuerdley1989 as he was the originator of the question.

    Thanks so much for going out of your way to do this.
  7. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    Dear All,
    I'm so sorry for the mix up, I think I was half sleeping or something like that!! ;-)
    Anyway the info now reached the person it was suppose to go to.
    Margaret, I'm sorry I've bothered you with this, I hope you understand the confusion.

    Warm regards,

  8. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    The kindness of some people on the forum is amazing!
  9. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    No problem. I will know where to go in Hurghada when I have to buy tiles..

  10. cuerdley1989

    cuerdley1989 New Member

    Dear Huda - My wife and I cannot thank you enough for wonderful kindness. I hope you did not go to too much trouble.
    You have also found the tiles so close to one of our favourite restaurants (Starfish).
    Many many thanks again.
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