Mortgages in Bulgaria

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Jain and Chris

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Hello all

We are researching and investigating an in-depth article into mortgages for Bulgarian property and would very much like to hear from you as to your own personal experiences of this.

The article will major on how easy or difficult it is to obtain a mortgage for Bulgarian property in the current financial climate. Particularly from the point of view of non-Bulgarian residents; also with regard to off-plan v already built or completed. We have already contacted several major banks in Bulgaria and mortgage brokers in the UK for their input.

All real-life experiences (proven please!) are invited and all other comments are also welcome. Input from agents on the ground would also be very much appreciated.

The article will be published on the Quest Bulgaria site in full, but there will also be a sneak special early preview for TotallyProperty Bulgaria forum visitors :)

You can contact me via pm on the TotallyProperty site or by email via my profile.

Hope to hear from those who have been through this process soon.

Many thanks, all the best,
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