mortgage for Dubai property but moved back to uk... Emirates ID requests



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I am after a bit of advice on how best to approach the mortgage company. I bought a property off plan, which was unfortunately late on completion, so only completed 2 months after i returned to live in the uk. This was several months after the emirates ID came in to force. I told the mortgage company that i was going to be living in the uk and they said to just ignore the emails requesting i submit my current Emirates ID. This has been fine for the past 9 years, but has suddenly become more frequently requested. Mortgage will complete in 2026.
The payments are being made though my siblings' bank account (all transferred a year and a half ago, with POA documents) and the mortgage company have their Emirates ID, but we are worried that they will suddenly request mine and freeze their accounts suspecting fraud or something. Everything we have done has been following the advice of the mortgage company, but obviously nothing in writing.

Which would be the most cost effective way forward that keeps us on the right side of the law:
Will i have to get a visa to be able to sort this out? ie keep returning every 6 months to keep up, but provide them with the ID reqested.
Will they ask me to back pay on a non resident mortgage and charge me higher rate going forward?
Is the only way to continue as i am, to transfer part of the property to my sibling (at a cost of tens of thousands of Dhs)?

Any answers / other solutions would be gratefully received.


I would approach a specialist mortgage company (not the one you are using) for expert advice. Looks like this might get very messy unless you are careful.


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Its best to get advice from a Mortgage company as these issue can get complicated based on your country of residence. But don't worry it can be resolved and these case are common.


I am sure you are not the only one to be caught in this trap - speak to a specialist mortgage advisor asap.