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Hey ,
I?m currently thinking of purchasing an apartment in the tanjah development from Dreamworld. I went to one of their presentations and I have to say I was very impressed with the figures and how the payment plan works. 25% deposits which can be spread over the 3 years and then a 75% mortgage. This is for investment for myself... Will keep for the 3 years of construction and maybe longer, will decide depending on the Morroco property market over the next 24 months....

Any advice on anyone else who?s bought in Morroco, or even bought in the tanjah development.


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Hello kristopher,
Am in the same position as you I think. Looked at the exchange bond, (which I understand will operate from within the UK & that made me feel more secure). Really like the idea of being so close to Southern Spain - good transport links, it's 5 star , there's no phasing on the build and there are other developments going up around it within a similar time frame - so no noisy cranes etc once built. BUT the development itself will not be stuck out in the wilderness in splendid isolation.

Like you I am looking to hold & with confirmation just received that a mortgage plan will be in place, this allows me the option of holding longer rather than flipping before completion (I hope!).

The payment plan I though innovative & because of the relatively long build time, capital growth is likely to be strong & that's what got me!! I have seen some comments on other website that have been negative about not being able to flip until you've paid 25% which could put the more aggressive investor off, but as I haven't got the time to devote to such revolving door tactics, this suits me fine.

I hasten to add that I am no big important property investor - we have had a place in Turkey for the last 5 years & that has done very well for us & i think that gave us more confidence to take the plunge on Tanjah. Apart from that, you just have to do your research & then go with your instinct in the end - scary eh??
Thanks a lot


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I think Tanjah is too expensive for such a new narket investment. I don't believe all the hype and from what I have seen of the developers they are either a bunch of cowboys or conmen... I would rather invest in Portugal or Costa Blanca...


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The Morocco Tanjah Property Inspection Trip

Inspection Trip for the Tanjah Development, Morocco – 4 & 5 November 2006

We would firstly like to thank you for your reservation on the Tanjah Development.

We have great pleasure in confirming that the first inspection flight to the site has been arranged for the 4th & 5th November 2006 at a cost of £290.00 per person. Please make cheques payable to Limited.

Please find enclosed our itinerary for the 2 days which will show you the Development and also of the scenary and delights of Tangier.

Please be sure to arrive at Birmingham Internation Airport in good time to allow for check-in, as boarding will commence at 7.00 am for prompt 7.30 am take-off. Unfortunately, we will not be able to delay the flight.


Can you also provide as soon as possible, a copy of your passport as this is required to make the hotel bookings and room allocations.

Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements, please let us know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.

Tangier Trip – Itinerary

Inspection Trip for the Tanjah Development, Morocco – 4 & 5 November 2006


We have chartered a private plane to make the journey more convenient and comfortable for you.

* NOTE: Please be sure to arrive at the airport no later than 6.00 am to allow for check-in prior to boarding for take-off at 7.30 am

Departure: 07.30 am - Saturday 4 November 2006 – Birmingham International Airport

Arrival: 10.35 am – Tangier International Airport


Departure: 5.00 pm – Sunday 5 November 2006 - Tangier International Airport

Arrival: 20.05 pm – Birmingham International Airport



10.35 am Arrival at the Tangiers International Airport.

10.45 am Customs Passports, etc. Luggage will be collected and sent directly to the hotel, to each of the rooms.

12.00 pm Arrival at the Development Site for the inspection and guidance around

Local typical entertainment

1.00 pm Moroccan style Buffet Lunch on site

4.00 pm Transfer to Tangier by bus through the scenic route seeing the Roman ruins of Puerto de Cota, then Cape Espartel and the Caves of Hercules, sunset will be by 5.30 pm.

6.00 pm Arrival at The Hotel Movenpick (5 Star) for check-in

6 - 8.30pm Rest

8.45 pm Dinner & Presentation by Tony Nunn, Dreamworld & Anthonio Ibanez, Gilmar. Also in attendance will be the Senior Waliya - Senior Planning Officer and the King’s Director of Foreign Investment & Development


10.00 am Breakfast and check-out with luggage

10.30 am Transfer to visit Medina & Zoco (Souk Market)

12.30 pm Transfer to Shooting Club (close to the airport)

13.15 pm Lunch in club

14.45 pm Transfer to Tangier International Airport

3.00 pm Check-in

5.00 pm Departure

8.05 pm Arrival Birmingham International Airport
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