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Morocco - my best investment so far

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Investy, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    My first post here,

    Im always on the lookout for a new property opportunity.

    I started in UK Buy 2 Let in the 1990s but now have diversified into foreign property.

    My first investment abroad was Berlin. I almost inveszted in Bulgaria in 2002 but the season is too short, the rentals to complex and I didnt want to set up a Company (which you must do).

    This year I have discovered Morocco after carefully considering Turkey, , N Cyprus, The Bahammas and some Eastern European nations including Estonia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

    Morocco is the new Spain, only a 2 - 3 hour flight, has a 12 month season (this is crucial for investors), and is attracting mainly middle class investors which is something quite unique. All the development is high end stuff and being carefully planned.

    In every respect its the best investment Ive ever made. The development is called Meditteranea Saidia (sorry I cant remember how you spell Meditteranea).
  2. FlexiBox

    FlexiBox New Member

    Hi Investy,
    Have you looked into Tanjah.
    My view is that it is over priced but I'm unsure as they seem to be selling loads.
  3. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Tanjah did'nt meet my investment criteria.

    Saidia will let much more consistently given all the on - site facilities and 3 golf courses. It is also the premier resort and in 3 years people will queue - up to get onto it.

    The significance of an 840 berth ultra modern marina cannot be overstated.

    England football consortium bought 60 villas here last weekend.
  4. bess

    bess New Member

    I have heard 4seasons have started work at Kariat Smir (Meditteranean coast) I have visited the site which seems excellent. There is rental potential from holidaymakers (golf, beaches, waterpark nearby) or people working at the new port construction -or eventually even the tunnel if it gets built.
  5. FlexiBox

    FlexiBox New Member

    Thanks for the info Bess. Do you have a link to the website or anywhere where I could get more information about this Please.

  6. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    As an investor I always look for ;

    1) Security

    2) Exit routes

    3) Viability of rent

    The reason I went for Med Saidia is that the 3 golf courses are on - site, this is a serious factor. Golfers will rent in the winter. With Saidia you step out of the properties onto the golf range - no drive, no hassle, its right there.

    Owner get very cheap playing fees which thier tennants can take advantage of.

    FACILITIES - lets say the Golfers partner / children doesnt like golf. Well thats fine. With Saidia the facilities will be immense. One must understand this point. People will go out of thier way for World class facilities and beach. Thousands of resorts have facilities but it is the quality and quantity at Saidia that will make all the difference.

    RENTAL AGENTS - imagine tommorow your property in Smir completes. Who will you phone to let the place?
    In Saidia 6+ on site reputable agents wil take care of everything. Thier combined marketing power will be a key factor in attracting tenants.

    RENTAL AUDIENCE - 30000 stayers are expected per week in Saidia, most of them in the 11 5* hotels. This will make letting so much more viable than in the smaller one off developments (there will be many such small developments all fighting for attention)

    In terms of security one must very carefuly consider several points:

    a) Physical security (vital in a terrorsim conscious world)
    b) Developers abaility to deliver and not go bust
    c) Government backing

    Only the Plan Azure sites of which Saidia is the first meet all these.


    With Saidia everything has been thought through and I have a written guarantee I can resell the contract anytime. This is vital incase something unforssen crops up in life.

    Reselling in Saidia will be a safe professional affair.

    All in all I like to take risks but I dont see the point buying into risky small one off developments in an already risky new market. It just doubles the risk and some.

    In my experience its always sensible and most profitable to buy into the best property / location.

    I realise Saidia is not near other urban centres but nor are many of the worlds best resorts. To my mind thats a benefit.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2006
  7. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Reply to Amin:

    The consortium are buying in Saidia, next to the sports complex. I have heard (but cant substantiate) that Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Garry Neville are involved.
  8. Murphy

    Murphy New Member

    what's your best advice?

    Investy it seems you like pointing people in the right direction so here's a question. picture this you're not a complete novice or idiot - done up a few old properties - you've been made redundant so you've got time but not physical energy i.e. you don't want to do the actual physical stuff but you want to work -you've got £200k cash and could raise more in loans -buying a few things off plan and waiting is not your bag

    what would you do at this current point in time?
  9. move2morocco

    move2morocco New Member

    there's 6 point of the Azur plan, have you started to think about the atlantic coast?
    your money takes you alot further, i'm here renovating my house and starting a business.
    contact me for more info.

    209 derb daira
    00212 23358559

  10. paulro

    paulro New Member

    Morocco property

    I recognise Investy from another site I look at and value his contributions both here and on the other site.
    Have you seen/ heard about the development Sunset Beach club? What are your thoughts? It is not around a golf course but has an excellent one nearby. The properties are either beach or garden. Looks like most if not all of the very best ones have gone.
    I am about to sell a buy to let in Bristol and will have a decent amount to play with. I think I am too late for Saidia, is this correct?
    I have looked at Macau and am still looking there and have a flight to Berlin booked in Feb to look at Berlin.
    I would value your thoughts, certainly with regard to Morocco.
  11. Regilade

    Regilade New Member

    ;)! Ïðèêîëüíûå ñïîñîáû óìíîæåíèÿ

    Ñîáñòâåííî, âñå êîãäà–òî ó÷èëèñü â øêîëå... Íî ñîâåðøåííî òî÷íî â øêîëå íå
    ïðåïîäàâàëè òàêèõ è âîò òàêèõ (âòîðîé âàðèàíò) çàáàâíûõ ñïîñîáîâ óìíîæåíèÿ.
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