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Morocco Mediterrania Saidia development by Fadesa

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by AustralianInvestor, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. AustralianInvestor

    AustralianInvestor New Member

    Hi All,

    I have been researching for a past few weeks and taking into account most people views on Morocco developments. My opinion, the Mediterrania Saidia development by Fadesa takes the cake for my first property abroad. So I am going to choose a 1 bedroom apartment.

    But I have not found anyone who has purchased one. Can all people who have purchased a property in this development describe thier process? Any information will be very helpful.

    Also, what are peoples views on International Property Investment Network (IPIN) and thier website Property Abroad - Experts in Property Investment ?

    Are they credible agents? Can anyone refer me to any other credible agents who are also selling these developments?

    Thanks All!
  2. sandals

    sandals New Member

    Property Borders

    I can recommend Property Borders they are the UK'S 1st Moroccan property agency, they are also recommended by the Moroccan embassy.

    And they are members of The Federation of Overseas Property Developers, Agents and Consultants which is important.

    They have sold Moroccan property for over 3 years.

    Hope this helps you their website is Morocco properties, Morocco properties for sale, Moroccan real estate

    PS have you looked at the 2nd plan azur resort also sold by Property Borders its called Port Lixus with better beaches than Saidia
  3. AustralianInvestor

    AustralianInvestor New Member

    Thanks for the tip Sandals,

    I must be honest, but i only researched a little on Port Lixus, but it also seems like a viable option. But I have taken the following into consideration and you can correct me if i am wrong:-

    - Saidia is the only plan azzure development on the med, where as there will be 5 plan azzure developments on the atlantic.
    - The development on Saidia will be alot bigger than port lixus
    - Saidia will have a hospital onsite, port lixus will not
    - Mediterrania Saidia is developed by the second largest developer in Spain, so I feel more comfortable

    And the big positive for Saidia for me is the payment options:-

    €2,000.00 Reservation Fee
    15% of Purchase Price - Required on contract

    25% of Purchase Price - Required over an 18 month period. Investors can choose to pay monthly or quarterly.

    Majority of the developments offer
    - 20% of sales price minus reservation deposit already paid.
    - Construction start payment - 20% of sales price

    But I love how the Condo Hotel Port Lixus guarantee beach and ocean views, im not sure whether if Mediterrania Saidia apartments have ocean views (Have to do some more research and speak to a few agents).
  4. AustralianInvestor

    AustralianInvestor New Member

    Superior Group

    Can anyone recommend the Superior Group? How do they rank with UK Property Boarders, as UK Property Boarders are number 1 in the UK?
  5. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    I've heard of Superior Group but not had any dealing with them, Property Boarders have good knowledge on Morocco, however i dont think there are any official rankings so not sure how they are the number 1 agents in the UK?, Many agents may claim this but like i mention i dont think there are any official figures which backup these claims. (If im mistaken sorry, & would be grateful if someone could correct me)

    We as a company dont sell on the Saidia resort but one of our associates does, if your interested in finding out more let us know & i'll pass you their contact details.

    Saidia is a great choice, ive always thought this due to the many facilities available on-site, however some of our clients prefer to be closer to Tangier / Asilah, hence choosing developments in close proximity to these areas. Its all down to personal preference at the end of the day & budget..

    Good luck with Saidia.

  6. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Mediterranea Saidia Morocco

    I am a property investor living in Spain and have formed my own 'agency' in order to receive agency commissions when buying property for myself and my associates. I have been to Mediterranea Saidia thee times in the last 6 months and the resort is really coming on. Fadesa are the main Developers but companies like Superior Group and Property Logic have bought sites from Fadesa to build their own versions of the basic Fadesa designs (in my opinion Fadesa finishing is not so hot and both Superior and Property Logic offer a higher spec). I am about to buy a two bed unit thriough Property Logic as they seem to be very professional and have already sold their first release. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further help.... if anyone wishes to buy through me I will happily share the agency commission which we earn!

    Peter Mitry International Property Investments
  7. Phil Dodson

    Phil Dodson New Member

    available at Fadesa resort


    I have been asked by one of my close friends to help him sell his 3 COMPLETED properties at the Fadesa resort. He has a superb frontline golf 3 bedroom villa on a corner plot within V2 and 2 superb end position duplex apartments in AP6, blocks 5 and 9.

    I do not know where to start but I thought that this forum seems very switched on and may be a good way to start.

    If anyone is interested in more detail then please let me know.

    Sixties Boy
  8. ashanti

    ashanti New Member

    Please let me know if the properties are still available.

    Best Wishes
  9. clibbens

    clibbens New Member

    We've used Gem Estate for a couple of purchases and have been very happy with them. They keep you fully informed and don't apply any pressure.
  10. Phil Dodson

    Phil Dodson New Member

    Hi Ashanti,

    Yes, the properties are available. Let me know if you want further details
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