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Hi everyone!

LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! is a young, dynamic, comprehensive consultancy and house-finding service for those thinking of buying property in France and Morocco

Morocco – exclusive, glamorous, accessible…

An absorbing, exotic country; a wonderfully hospitable, friendly people; great cuisine; a dynamic economy; opportunities to buy property at low prices in a burgeoning sector; low-cost airlines flying into major airports – these are a few of the excellent reasons that investors in the know are taking to Morocco.

Look Before You Leap! has a wide selection of renovated riads, astonishing apartments, habitable houses and run-down wrecks available from £30,000, situated in spectacular coastal towns, in medinas, in resorts and in Marrakech, easily accessible from major airports.

From 25 October to 15 November 2006, we’re offering FREE visits, consultations and advice so why not come and see us in Tangier, Asilah, Azzemour, Essaouira, Casablanca or Marrakech? We’ll book your accommodation, meet you at the airport, show you around and give you the benefit of our specialist knowledge with pleasure and without obligation*.

*Our valet service is personalised and comprehensive. This offer is therefore limited to the first 30 bookings for 2 people for 2 nights (maximum) per visit.

Why buy in Morocco?
In Morocco, tourism has grown by more than 18 per cent over the last year, giving it the fourth largest number of foreign visitors in the whole of Africa after South Africa, Tunisia and Egypt, the young and innovative King Mohammed VI has been very keen to see this trend continue onwards and upwards.

The Economy
Morocco is enjoying a very healthy economy, experiencing a period of adjustment and stabilisation during the last decade and now having considerable progress in reducing the budget and current account deficits, reducing both the debt stock to GDP and the debt service ratios whilst also stabilising inflation at around 4 to 5%. Annual growth is a satisfactory 6.8% and its major industries, mining, textiles, tourism and leather goods, said to be the softest leather in the world, are flourishing. Morocco is actively seeking foreign investment in competition with other developing countries in the Mediterranean region as foreign companies have better access to international financial markets than purely domestic firms. Not surprisingly, the tourism sector is experiencing strong growth and last year it grew by 18%, despite its huge tourism potential this sector currently only provides 7% of Moroccan GDP and therefore the Government has developed a tourism strategy which will see Morocco's tourism industry transformed within the next decade, 'Vision 2010'.

The main objectives of the Moroccan national tourist strategy, Vision 2010, are to:

Attract 10 million visitors annually to Morocco by the year 2010
Build new roads
Develop regional airports
Increase direct flights from all over Europe
Create 6 new coastal resorts
Create 600 000 new jobs in the tourist sector
In order to reach this target, the government has encouraged a more attractive business environment and a more proactive promotion of Morocco's substantial tourism assets, as a result of the various reforms undertaken, tourism has steadily been increasing the last years and Morocco is fast becoming known as the most exotic short-haul tourist destination for Europeans.

Quality real estate development is just beginning and property prices are very affordable compared to other European resorts, for example the luxury resort of Mediterranea Saidía is integral to Vision 2010 and backed by his Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Set on the northern Moroccan coastline with unspoilt beaches and warm shallow sea, the resort enjoys a fantastic location; only 3 hours from London yet with year round warm temperature and exotic culture.

The Climate

Morocco offers a variety of very different climates with the north of the country being characterised by fertile agricultural land, forests and vineyards the climate being similar to that of southern Spain, in contrast, the environs of Marrakech offer superb skiing conditions although the climate of this part of Morocco in general is a comfortably dry all year round heat similar to that of Arizona and going further south there is the scene of endless sandy and stony expanses of the Sahara. The weather in the coastal regions of Morocco is sunny virtually all year round, similar to the Costa del Sol, the average temperature in summer is 29ºC whilst during the months between October and April it is slightly cooler but very sunny, perfect for enjoying leisure and sporting activities

Who can buy Property in Morocco?
Any investor, resident or overseas buyer can purchase property in Morocco. Residents from any country in the EU or the USA are particularly welcomed in Morocco.

For more information and reservations, please contact Christmas at Look Before You Leap!

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