Monving to San Jose, Costa Rica !!!!

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Hi everybody,

I am an Italian diplomat and I would like to take into consideration the possibility to relocate in San Jose ( Costa Rica ) for around 4 years.

Does anyone know if there are any American Universities over there as I have 2 daughters of 18 years old?

How is the life in San Jose ? Does anyone get " bored '' after the first 3 months of enchanting ?

Are houses with gardens expensive ? What kind of activities do we have in San Jose ?

Any advice or help would be pretty much appreciated!

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Hello Bryant,
Best wishes with your potential upcoming adventure. Sounds quite rewarding and exciting.

Found the following site that should be of interest: Costa Rica dot net

All info and a seemingly vibrant membership...take a peek.

Also, a quick search brought up: Costa Rica dot com

They seem to have all the info you are seeking, and more...including:

- Costa Rican Employment and Industry Information
- General life, immigration and member feedback regarding Costa Rica
- Housing information

You may want to consider joining the above site, and hopefully their membership is lively enough to provide what you require.

And finally, (as I am rather partial to the concept myself - hehe),you may want to consider enlisting the support of a Relocation Consulting firm.

One found here (not pre-validated): Arosa Relocation Services At least that should give you an idea of the scope of services available in the Costa Rica market.

Hope that helps!
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