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Discussion in 'Property in Montenegro' started by valnet, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. valnet

    valnet New Member

    Dear coleagues,
    In order to provide a national response to foreign demand for properties in Monetenegro, i need you to comment on the thread of forming a Network of real estate companies in Montenegro.

    As we had a huge impact on foreign investors in past few years, i think that would be a great opportuninty to provide faster services, as same as exchange of information with the rest of the world. The first demand of companies to join, would be fair bussines and respect of basic rules of trade.

    Montenegro is small country and as domestic agencies we can find any house or land that we wont by our self, just looking at the picture and asking the owners.
    What you think about it?

    Main goal of Network is going to be provision of better services for both buyers and selers. In that way everyone could have a chance to sell something, and we would be in dominant position for any foreign real estate Company.

    I will put this as new thread, to see what other thinks, and please refer this forum to some friends or partners, so we could talk about it.
  2. MLS

    MLS New Member

    IMO your idea is something what must happen in Montenegro considering Real Estate.
    There is more than 500 agencies and 10 times more people trying sell some land, apartments, houses.. but there is no bread for all. Drivers will be back to their truck, waiters in restaurants... (without diminishing their profession however).
    By experience of other transition countries like Lithuania, here will stay maybe 20 % of agencies and only few of them will do good work.

    There is already lot of agencies work together in a way that if they have demand for let say, big peace of land and do not have in offer, they call people who they know, and that people acting as intermediaries and adding on price some amount.
    I recently had funny situation, my client was in demand for big land for hotel more than 20000 sqm, so he has made one circle around through agents and come back with price higher for 60 euro per sq m for same land, and for 20000 sqm is pretty big difference...

    Moreover, RE/MAX is starting doing business in Montenegro and they will bring just new standard of trade here, to which we will have to adopt if we want to survive in this business. I think any serious investor when comes to Montenegro will consider Remax at least for opinion.

    just some thoughts

  3. valnet

    valnet New Member

    In the most things you are OK, but in some not, I don't think Russian people or investors will even consider REMAX, in many reasons, and second I think is good that they will make some rules, here. Its sad that we must listen some foreigners, i`am tired of telling us what to do. But the main thing in real estate in Canada for example, all of their real estate agencies are connected, same like their car dealers.
    I have excellent connection with 4 of domestic companies, and just cross my mind that we all can work together. For benefit of all of us.
    For that deal with land I believe you totally, because I had a situation just like that. I have a Bayer from Russia for 300.000m2 of land and more up to 500.000m2. and believe me I had a million of problems. At the end the Sellers of the land refuse the down payment of 10%, even if they didn't have ready 70% of paper works, and permits. Now I`m negotiating for new peace of land. BECAUSE HERE IS EVERYTHING POSSIBLE !!! Only here the Sellers don't want the money even after they pick up the price FOR 40 Euros per 1m2 in a deal like this. (450.000m2)!
    And the point of this is that in deal like this I would deal with every body because it would be inaf money for all!
  4. MLS

    MLS New Member


    but there is not much deal like this, and they are not representative in any case. If you involve few agencies and all of them want their share, price for buyer must be higher, higher price bring less demand, and in the end we all lose.
    There is no set rules as they are in countres which have real estate business developed in last 200 years.
    And I think they will rather consider Remax over domestic, because they have different standard of doing business and here is just to much people involved spoiling real efforts.
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