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  1. Sussie

    Sussie New Member

    This way I would like to warn all the buyers of properties in Montenegro, to check all their documentation, do they have title of deed, etc…

    I bought the part of the land in 2005. and I was told that I can register and build house there.

    I paid the lawyers, agency from Kotor to obtain the building permit for me, and few months ago I found out next:

    - I am not the owner of the mentioned land at all ( the land is registered on the name of the ex owner, because it is not possible to do the parcelisation)

    - I can not build on this parcel as the land is not urbanized.

    - The money I gave until now is practically wasted, and my possibilities to build or to sell, are none.

    The only company which explained to me the truth about my case in details, and which gave me advice about next steps is the company Montenegro Datum Ltd. From Herceg Novi.

    I would like to ask the buyers of properties in Montenegro , who have similar experience to contact me for exchanging experiences.
  2. bracconi7

    bracconi7 New Member

    there if you have skype please contact me
  3. SunSiteEstate

    SunSiteEstate New Member

    APPARENTLY you have drifted into the wrong hands, to be sure of what you want in Montenegro contact several people to listen to them along what it is you want so you can be sure, it is not all people in the world there is good, it may sound like that sometimes, but i hope you got fix you problem.

    King regards
  4. Balkan Babe

    Balkan Babe New Member

    Can you say who the agent was that sold you the land?
  5. K.Fahey

    K.Fahey New Member

    Sad, to see that the Forum for Montenegro is practically dead!!! I too seem to have got caught-in spite of all due diligence.Purchased land 4 years ago and have since discovered some problem with part ownership.Had Lawyer-just a crook and paid him over 5000 euro.Have since paid another 1500 and am still waiting.Apart from all that havnt a clue what is going on and have to pay Acccountants/Company fees at around 2500 euro p.year.Its all a nightmare and nobody trustworthy to ask.
  6. Natalia TS

    Natalia TS New Member

    It's really strange that lots of people, in this case buyers and investors, were fooled by local sellers, but not only by the local, some of the foreign sellers had the same method of arranging Contracts. The biggest mistake was that, they didn't double check all documentation related to the land plot or they didn't find some professional, who could do that job for them. I know many examples, where investors relied on some people, thinking that they will never use their trust, but, unfortunately, they did (even the lawyers). And investor with whom we are working now, was in the same situation 4 years ago and when I saw all documentation and land that she bought, I just couldn't believe that this could happen. But, they are not all the same in Montenegro, you can find there really great people, which will help you in different situations :smile:
  7. K.Fahey

    K.Fahey New Member

    Thank you Natalia and yes we have met some wonderful people there.We were so careful and employed Lawyer to act for us and he promised all the papers were in Order and he was paid nearly 50000 euro-i still have all his e mails.I had to employ another and 1 year has passed and she fails to answer my e mails.I now discover that part of the land is Green Belt and cannot be built on but cannot find the lawyer-new one so i do not know what to do.We had to form Company and 4 years down the line we have to keep it at a cost of 4000 euro per year.This is destroying us so if you know of anybody to ask please let us know.Im sure that there has to be some accountability for Lawyers that break the law there.x
  8. Natalia TS

    Natalia TS New Member

    You welcome K., our investor invested nearly 16 million EUR in the property in Montenegro. She was continuously investing from 2006 till 2008, she had idea to build there something like private villa village, but she hadn't a clue what she was buying, are the prices realistic, they didn't translate documentation, they just gave her to sign different Contracts and letters of attorney, but she trusted those people, because they were kind while she was giving them money. And know she realized why were they always smiling... Once she said: "I thought that this is great, everybody is so warm and well-wishing, they told me that I don't have to worry, to relax, in my country everyone is in a bad mood, but now I know why they were acting like that"... Just a bad luck... And what is most funny and sad in same time (tragicomedy) is that they sold her land which is not urbanized and they promised her that they will finish all this procedure of urbanization and then they just vanished. And then they suddenly appeared, saying that she has to pay additional EUR, but then she met xxx :proud:. Xxx have explained her that all 4 plots which she bought are not urbanized, nobody has changed the name of the owner in cadastre, land "parcelization", plenty of problems... BR, N.
  9. Nemanjaned

    Nemanjaned New Member

    Hi everybody,
    actually just Natalia and Fahey, since everybody else left this area.
    I would like to make some comments on this issue about real ownership. It is really hard to be 100% sure that person who is selling real estate to you wasn't sign up contract one day before with somebody else. There is no way to check it, since he could sign it up at Court (now at Notary) in some other city, even country. My advice is next. In low there is one rule, if there is more then one people claiming ownership of property, person who first applied to register ownership of property in Governmental real-estate authority (Uprava za nekretnine) will win this case. So, the best is to do it fast, all transactions in one day. First check in real-estate authority (Uprava za nekretnine) are there any subjects applied about your property. Then sign up the contract and transfer money, and also sign up receipt that you paid in full. Immediately apply registration in real estate authority, and you should be safe. You can even organize somebody to spend that day waiting in real-estate authority checking if somebody is applying something about your property, and if, should call police. In contract they put clause that property is not part of any other contract, which is obviously not protecting buyer that good. Sure, for you as stranger is hard to organize things like this, but you can find lawyer or consulting agency to do it for you, and ask report of all things listed here.
    Other problem is urbanization. It is easy to check, but usually agencies work together with owners and they present property in best lights, so you buy it, owner gets money, agency gets their parentage, so the best is to work with affirmed agency, or to hire independent consultant, better from another municipality, so you can hope that they don't know each other and decide to work together
    Urbanization procedure is quite slow, but it will end for sure, someday. In some municipalities they work faster then in others. In some also, they issue technical conditions for building according to PUP (Spatial Urban Plan) or GUP (General Urban Plan) in other just to DUP (Detailed Urban Plan). If your land is not covered with one of them, there can be other way to get permittee to build, but those options are not endless and sometimes you just cannot build legally.... alternative is to organize and build illegally, fast and hidden, to register object in Real estate authority with out permit, and wait for legalization law....

    for more questions do not hesitate to ask

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