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Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by orlando, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. orlando

    orlando New Member

    Hello I have just found this site!
    My self and my husband are thinking about relocating to France or Spain, we are retired and have enough funds to live comfortably even more comfortably in France or Spain, we are looking for a good all year climate prefer to be near to the coast line, would like a property with a garden and possibly some land. I have researched France and am now starting to research Spain. All views and comments appreciated.
  2. dante

    dante New Member

    Depends what sort of life you want to lead, the weather here is great and the people are lovely, we live inland about twenty five minutes from the coast and have the best of both worlds, we have a nice size plot with fruit trees and a pool, which would be a good 100,000+ if it was on the coast, and also it isn't so Spanish on the coast. Although we are far from retirement,. Living inland I think is more relaxing.
    there are plenty of expat associations, whist drives,bowls,quizzes and barbecues, as I said depends what you want, if you want a warmer England in Spain then the coast is for you, if you want to get into the slower Spanish way of living , have a look inland, and I?m sorry I?m biased but I just don't get the French!!!!!!!!!
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Everyone is different.
  4. greg

    greg New Member

    Hey Orlando, what parts of France did you research and what did you like?
  5. MarianL

    MarianL New Member

    I am also thinking of moving to Spain. I am a Brit, 40ish and I work as an artist in Dubai at the moment. I would like to live somewhere by the sea where there would be a good market for me to sell paintings so I guess somewhere there are a lot of new apartments going up or something. I don't speak Spanish so maybe an expat area, I play golf, am not particularly into clubbing but like to have the odd glass of wine! Any suggestions on an area? I think I am a bit worried about buying with all the bad news so maybe renting would be better...
  6. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    No problems about buying in Spain now provided you get good buying and legal advice

    A good time as there are lots of ready now at reduced asking prices and of course re sales

    Note veryone has to sell but those that do have to accept the current market...but not as bad as Dubai

    Costa Blanca South could be a good area and there are markets somewhere everyday
    Also lots of golf and cheaper than Costa Del Sol
    Almeria between Aguilas and Mojacar is worth a look and the area has been popular with artist for a long time
    You do not state your budget but whilst you can get really cheap properties circa 50,000 €, unless it is an inland village property, in the coastal areas if you want something well built in a good location then circa 75.000 € is a good starting budget.....up to where you want to go to!
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  7. MarianL

    MarianL New Member

    Thanks rowlandsbb that is great, I will have a look at those areas. I should have a budget of around 90k so that would hopefully fit.
  8. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    At that budget you will have a wide selection to look at

    With re sales watch out for the specification as quite a lot of the older ones were not very well built and the insulation sometimes is not very good- important as it can get quite cold at night in the winter

    The new ready now have been built to a much higher standard and those with the building licence after April 2008 have to have solar for hot water...a very big plus
    We can certainly find you for example a very nice 2 bed maisonette with solar within your budget

    So with re sales it is not a bad idea to make an allowance in your offer for improving the property to modern standards

    Good luck in your search and more information is available if you want it
  9. DC

    DC Member

    According to the world health organisation, Denia in the North Costa Blanca has the best climate in the world, there is a monument in the town, dedicated to this. There is a micro climate, I was there today, on the beach, the beaches are amazing. 20km of clean beaches, and is cheap now as well.

    A high quality of life. Nice harbour. Links to Ibiza and Balearics.
    Come down and look around, best way. Only way in truth.

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