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Member to This Forum! Pls do not disappoint

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by yousafnoor, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. yousafnoor

    yousafnoor New Member

    Hello Dear Members

    I am a new member to this wonderful site and want to know your valuable feedback about ARY Residentia status as when it is going to be handed over?

    Please advise on rent. How much shall I ask for the rent of my one bed apartment and how much is the resale price if I decide to have it sold?

    Any good party to provide the rental services out there in Dubai?

    Pls do not disappoint me and reply to my questions, at least, once!!


    Mohammad Yousaf
  2. nima

    nima New Member


    What is the name of the building and where is it located in IC could you tell me if it is completed?

    You can find out from betterhomes estate agents in dubai or newworlddubai estate agents the rent for your apartment. They are well established out here in dubai.

    Hope this helps.

  3. yousafnoor

    yousafnoor New Member

    ARY Flat in Residentia

    Thanks very much for the reply. Here are the details of my apartment;

    Area: International City "ARY Residentia"- A one bed apartment
    Building Details: U-18-G14 Flat# ID5-G02

    I want a resale value and a rental value please!
    Regarding your suggested agents, could you please post their web pages?

    Mohammad Yousaf
  4. nima

    nima New Member

  5. zibajwah

    zibajwah New Member

    I am also new to this site and have booked one studio through ARY.Mine is in Italian cluster and no. is U-7 Ground floor.Any idea of its handing over dates and expected rental.Will be grateful.
  6. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

    The going Rates for Studio Rental is 36K to 40K in International City Per year and 1 Bed 48K to 52K per year same the sale price is for clean not ARY as they are holding back the units and not registering with Nakheel if you have your unit register in your name in Nakeel then you can sell it from 410K to
    440K including the transfer fee and studio is going for 305K to 315K and more help contact me
  7. yousafnoor

    yousafnoor New Member

    Are you Dr. Zafar, Sir?

    The mail address you posted , I think, is of Dr. Zafar !
    You are much awaited at the place, abandoned by you, some time before

    Last week, Mr. Manzoor of ARY told me that it is going to be the end of March????? Mine is also in Italian cluster and is comprised of one bed room.
  8. zibajwah

    zibajwah New Member

    Glad to Hear You

    Dear Yousaf

    I am really happy and thankful to you for remembering me.Hope will remain in contact in comming days.Last time I called ARY people here in Lahore I was told that clients will have to pay the following dues if they want to be qualified for taking possession of their promosed property:-

    1-Maintenance charges 12 Dhirhams per square foot.
    2-Land charges 5% of the total cost.
    3-Visa processing fee around 5000-7000 Dhirhams.
    4-Posession expected in end march.
    I while here in Pakistan can not verify all above.This land charges is all greek for me.Lets see how things move when it comes to the posession of clusters which are ready for.
    Sincerely Dr. Zafar
  9. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    hii Mr yousuf ... my name is anwar and i have a 1 bed in italian .. but no sign of possession ....the story u were told from ARY , i was told the same story too and they are kept telling me the same thing...keep delaying the possession process.. i dont knw who can tell us the truth ....ARY never gives any satisfactory answer.. to be honest i hv heared from many people that ARY has a very bad name in the market .....but hope everything gets sorted out soon.......plzz do let us knw if u find out anything interesting
  10. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    ZIBAJWAH Your agent is getting greedy if he is charging you 5% for land fees. You are being charged 4% or 3.5% more than what the actual charges are depending on when the contract sale price was
  11. ooopinionsss

    ooopinionsss New Member

    independent opinionss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!
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