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Marina Smir, Morocco

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by ur avin a laugh, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

    Hi folks, very well run and informative forum this, one of the best I've seen. I'm about to invest in Morocco and have narrowed it down to Marina Smir area. Nothing against Saida or Atlantic coast but this area seems to have a bit of a head start with existing infrastructure, hotels etc. There are a number of interesting developments down this stretch of the coast and I have been looking at the Fadesa Alkudia Smir development. Has anyone else considered this area and and if so what are your thoughts and conclusions. Thanks
  2. trent

    trent New Member

    Hi There,
    Do you have a link to any developers websites in Marina Smir?
  3. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

  4. trent

    trent New Member

    Thanks for that - I will look in more detail this evening.
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Marina Smir will be in competition with hundreds of similar developments over the next few years. All pretty indistinguishable from one another.

    However, there is only one Plan Azure (The Kings own babies) site on the close to home Med' and thats Saidia which also happens to be the Kings premier Plan Azure showcase resort.

    Ive nothing against Smir I just dont think the rentals or growth will stack - up when there are so many other similar propositions.
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  6. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

    Investy, fair comment but I guess its down to your exit strategy and timing. Plan Azur units are significantly higher priced cos you're paying for the credo and long term infrastructure. I stll think Smir has a lot to offer and much lower gearing if the right development is chosen
  7. bess

    bess New Member

    Have you looked at Kariat Smir? I looked at the site earlier, it is in a good position, they have started work and I am in the process of buying a flat- my solicitors have not found any problems. But any of these investments are a leap in the dark to a certain extent. I think this is a good area however, especially with the nearby large port being built and the tunnel in the future possibly. There will be a need for accomodation for the experts coming to work on these projects, as well as holiday lets. I personally do not find a resort that is holiday only particularly interesting, it is nice experiencing Moroccan life in their towns and enjoying the friendliness of the people.
  8. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

    Hi Bess, yes looked Kariat Smir. Smaller and more expensive but still a good location. Morocco is a leap of faith by and large at the moment. Contracts etc leave much to be desired but ....

    Are you 'avin a laugh?
  9. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    What are the prices at Smir?

    A 2 bed 2 bath appartment (110m2+) with garden, good sea views, set right into the golf range and with clubhouse membership (thats a big deal btw) and 10 year build guarantee is about £107000 in Saidia

    and remember thats going to put you on a site with three 18 hole golf courses (designed bt Segales), small hospital, designer shopping centre, biggest marina in the Med (by m2), cinemas, small footie stadium, 2 Carrefour supermarkets and exposure to the guests of the 11 on - site 5* hotels with no further private property being allowed for 15 years
  10. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

    Investy, yes Ok but the thread was asking about Marina Smir not trying to compare with Saida. 3 bed 2 bath at smir is 115000 EUROS seeing as you asked. To repeat, I've nothing against Saida just wasnt the question I asked.
  11. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Ur avin a laugh:D :D

    Welcome to the forum, thank you for your compliment's,
  12. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Can anyone tell me the name of the developer for Marina Smir?

    Thanks in advance
  13. ur avin a laugh

    ur avin a laugh New Member

    Hi Investy, Marina Smir the name for the general location (and Marina!). The development I started the thread on is Alkudia Smir developed by fadesa. There are a number of other developments in the area (Colina Smir, Kariat Smir, Marina Beach etc). Hope this helps

    Are u avin a laugh?
  14. Rixxy

    Rixxy New Member

    I got 2 resales front line at Smir for 150,000 euros and 160,000 euros. Both penthouses.

    Also for property around Tangiers check out Page 1 - offering handpicked developments not offered by other agents.

    Good luck - I bought at edge of Tangiers, 2 bed 2 bath for 120,000 euros, frontline beach, walk into town with mcdonalds behind me - for the kids!
  15. chris1

    chris1 New Member

    In my opinion Morocco is one of the best places to invest at the momment, I am currently investing in a development called playa vista. Im securing a two bedroom apartment with own infinity pool, private beach for just £80k (this is obviously off plan) I will be more than happy to forward the agents name and number to anybody who is interested.
  16. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Chris sounds like a bargain but I would think about off season rentals carefuly. These small one off sites wont have much of a pull in winter whereas the Plan Azure sites such as Saidia have non weather dependant facilities for all the family including mutliple ONSITE (not down the road) golf courses, shopping centres (500 shops), world class marinas (imagine that at night with all the restaurants litup), cinemas, bowling, football stadium etc etc. In other words a very upmarket Centrparcs with 12 month pull, not a season dependant small resort.

    Saidia may be a little more money but you have to consider ease of renting longterm and the total returns and of course SAFETY. Saidia has an onsite hospital - if a child cuts himself and gets blood poisoning in Play Vista you would have to use the local state hospital!!

    Also dont forget Saidia and P Lixus will have onsite rental agents all competing for your business.

    I understand if price is your key driver, but I would sooner own a 1 bed in Saidia or P Lixus than a 2 bed in Playa Vista
  17. flyer

    flyer New Member

    So is Marina Smir a good investment???????
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