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As mentioned in another thread our apartment is due to complete in a few months, we will then be looking at getting a managment company to find and look after a tenant for us. As most things word of mouth is better so wanted to ask, of all the people that rent their property out who do you use and are they any good?

Also how did you find out about them were they one sorted out by your developer or one you found yourself. I grabbed some papers when I was last in Dubai but it seemed most where selling agents not rental.

We are buying our apartment through Damac, at 'The Cresecent' development is is common for developers to have a department that would offer management services as I imagine its an easy avenue for them to move into given they actually sell the property in the first place.

Also any recommnedations about furniture companies that can provide furniture packs.


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Derek Grimley
[email protected]
PO Box 333589
Dubai, U.A.E
Tel no +971 4 341 6570
Fax no +971 4 341 7090
Mob no +971 50 4597167
Exclusive UAE

This is an english management company who have just rented out an appartemnt for me in Dubai.Derek is very good and helpful.Was recommended to me on another forum.
Dont worry about going for a big company for exposure.These people will pass the details of your property to other agents which is how they found a tenant for my unit.
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