Mail new neighbours



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Hi everyone!

I'm moving home in the middle of all this (lockdown / coronavirus) and thought about sending a letter to the neighbours introducing myself. I also wanted to send a letter to someone further down the street that has done the same extension as I'm looking to do, maybe get some tips from them / use their contacts.

Would sending letters to the neighbours before moving in be normal or would they think it's strange?



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Hi there,

If you haven't already, I would have thought this would be a great thing to do. With everything going on it will be nice to introduce yourself to your neighbors without breaking the rules of lockdown. And as for the second part, absolutely, the best way to find great contractors is through word of mouth, if the individuals you are asking are happy with the job they will be more than happy to share who did it. Finding contractors on your own can be a challenge. You should always do your due diligence however, its worth getting quotes from two or three different contractors to see how legitimate they all are.

Hope this helps.