Looking to Rent in this Apartment in Cotovelo....

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by navaraS, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    Are there any 3 or 2 bedroom apartments available in these buildings? pm me if you have any...

  2. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc

  3. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

    . I remember when they were 45,000 reais to purchase.Take a look in Tribuna do Norte under the heading Praia alugel (beach rentals).
  4. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    wow! what year was that?
  5. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

    About 2006 off plan .
  6. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    are you sure it was reais and not dollars?
  7. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

    No ,reais !! They now sell for about 170,000 negotiable .
  8. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    i live in the 18th floor of the red building (renting)....but from what i heard from the security guard, the price to buy is 250 to 300K reals. Where did you see 170k?
  9. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

    There are 2 and 3 beds and cost 170,000 - 200.000 .The security guard is just happy to have a dip of a sale .Check out the vende sites ? They are not high end flats , that is about right I guess.
  10. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    thanks. could you please recommend me some vende sites? thanks.
  11. surfingbrazil

    surfingbrazil New Member

    Godess, you are wrong !

    You are dreaming , mistaken or talking about something else.

    " 45.000 reais, off.plan in 2006 " it is simply false.

    The place in the photo is called "Corais de Cotovelo".
    I visited the premises in 2005 a couple of times, since I had a friend living there and I can tell you that the place, with all the 3 buildings and a large swimingpool area, had been finished for a long while.

    The apartment was about 85 m2 with no balcony. I did not like it but I did ask about selling prices.
    I can recall that the price at that time was around 120.000 BRL.
  12. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

  13. surfingbrazil

    surfingbrazil New Member


    If you would like to give Capuche a call I am sure they will clarify this for you as they were not 120,000 at pre launch either.There are some for sale on Oxi Natal posted in March 2013 for 180.000 and there are others on RN Natal imoveis 88 mtrs for 180.000. Not sure if 2 or 3 bed ,but that is the price. Negotiable 170/160 would be even better.[/QUOTE]

    The other day you insisted on "45.000 reais, off plan" in several comments.
    Now "they were not 120,000 at pre launch either..."

    Do you understand what you write ???

    I do not care about this awful place and I do no engage in fruitless discussions.

    I was simply trying to correct, as a matter of record only, an absurd price quotation of yours.
  14. Bidu

    Bidu New Member

    The Cotovelo's beach is quite a charming place. Personally, one of my favorites in Natal. Calm, close to the city and secure.

    But I just don't like the design of this condominium. No balcony (I'm huge fan of balcanies, even more when you have a fantastic sea's view.

    The buildings look like a matchbox and I really don't dig the outside collors (no offense).

    But, I believe that there are several other foreigners, who bought units at there, who want to rent or resell their units.

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