Looking to Invest in NZ but where to start?

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I am looking to invest in New Zealand but I don?t know what area to start looking at? I have been trying to search the net for real estate statistics in NZ but cant find any. Does anyone have any suggestions about what parts of New Zealand to look at for IP's?

Also, to get finance to buy in NZ do can you go through an Australian Financial Institution or does it have to be one in NZ?



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hey samuel,

Deals are available all over NZ, in cities as well as smaller towns.

has the deals and also the market rental stats
You can also buy region overviews and e-valuations (i.e. comparison sales in an area for the last 6 months to a year, all sorts,)
at qv.co.nz

The last two excellent deals I purchased myself have been through a local NZ spotter who knows the market backwards, and is there to grab the best deals and latest listings before they even make the web in many cases, this sort of thing is priceless in my opinion
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