looking to buy a plot of land around 2015

Discussion in 'Romania property' started by proger, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. proger

    proger New Member

    hello all, im ido from israel.

    Romania real easte is extremely low these days, and i want to know your opinion about the future: do you think it will stay low for long? maybe even lower?

    i will be much appreciate any links to forecast and articles in these subjects.

    and of course where will you buy your plot of land in Romania, my budget around 50,000 $.

    thanks all.
  2. Nigel Bell

    Nigel Bell New Member

    Romania is a good buy.

    Romania offers great value for money in the current market and the cost of land varies widely from the countryside to the major towns. If your objective is simply to buy land to hold as an investment then consider buying within 30 minutes of Bucharest. For the money you have it is possible to acquire land that is unzoned but which could get planning for residential by following the local planning guidelines.
  3. ecohomes

    ecohomes New Member

    I have doubt that all the properties near the capital will worth doing something with them. The infrastructure is down there and you can loose your money buying there. I saw something really nice in North. People really buy in agriculture! Here the lands are really good! PM me for details.

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