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Looking for Nakheel investors

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by davidps, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. davidps

    davidps New Member

    Hello everyone. If anyone has a property within Nakheel projects that has been cancelled (e.g. Trump, Forbidden City etc) and is not interested in their current offers of alternative projects, please PM me your details. Our company has a development within one of Nakheel's master communities and we are interested in finding investors like this in order to exchange Nakheel's 'debt' to them with properties in one of our other ongoing projects (not within Nakheel).

    EDIT: If interested, let me know in this thread, as my PMs won't work. Mods - if you feel this is promotional or not in line with the forum guidelines, please let me know.
  2. abudubai

    abudubai New Member

    I didn't know "The Forbidden City" had been cancelled. Can someone confirm this?
  3. davidps

    davidps New Member

    I have a friend who bought there and Nakheel have informed her that this is not going ahead. This is obviously anectodal, so I may be wrong.
  4. Property Pimp

    Property Pimp New Member

    I am interested, but is this offer only for Nakheel projects which are confirmed as cancelled? My Nakheel project is apparently 'still on' according to Nakheel. Would your company have any influence in this?
  5. SDADA

    SDADA New Member

    Hi can you advise your contact details. Would like to call you and find out more on exactly what you are offering.

  6. davidps

    davidps New Member

    Hello, please drop me a line to davidpeacesells (at) yahoo dot com if you're interested. Any Nakheel project is ok with us at this stage.
  7. SDADA

    SDADA New Member

    Check your email
  8. Vak

    Vak New Member

    I am interested in buying Nakheel's credit note issued against canceled projects, we can sit and talk but typically at 20% less (depending on the amount).
    vak1 at mac dot com
  9. davidps

    davidps New Member

    Replies sent, thanks everyone.

    Any info about which Nakheel project was transferred to 'credit'?
  10. Daniyal

    Daniyal New Member

    Al Furjan Phase 1 Property

    Dear All i got a Villa in Al Furjan Phase 1. If someone is looking for consolidation so please do contact me. I have paid 40% which is AED.1,006,000 . I am ready to offer for consolidation for AED. 800,000/-

    If anyone interested just let me know.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Vak

    Vak New Member

    Unfortunately you can not move funds from Furjan 1, as per Nakheel, project is pushing forward and you will have to pay remaining installments.
  12. Property Pimp

    Property Pimp New Member

    Hey Vak,

    Anyone buying at -30% these days?? Do you think it's worth waiting little longer to achieve that? or is there a clear danger that Nakheel will push forward with Furjan2 ?

  13. jayvee

    jayvee New Member

    if interested i have credit in veneto phase 2
  14. jayvee

    jayvee New Member

    i am willing to consolidate. can u contact me
  15. jayvee

    jayvee New Member

    yes interested. how do i contact u
  16. Vak

    Vak New Member

    050 1152760
  17. NwAli

    NwAli New Member

    hi All

    have got veneto villas in phase 2 paid 25% .. willing to sell them at 35% discount if any one interested to consolidate these feel free to contact .. i beleive they are consolidatinf water front plots and jumeirah village polts ..

  18. Vak

    Vak New Member

    Hi, whats the total paid up amount, are you willing to loose a bit more but cash on transfer (within 2 days)
  19. jayvee

    jayvee New Member

    furjan villa

    need to speak to you regarding yr furjan
  20. nat_gillet

    nat_gillet New Member

    How can I contact you?
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