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Looking for inexpensive, warm place away from UK

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by joseph, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. joseph

    joseph New Member

    Hi ,
    I am looking to move from England, I am really tired of this place. Somewhere warm would be nice, even if it gets cold a bit. A place where things aren't as expensive as here. Language is a thing to consider, Can speak Portuguese, but looking for a place where my husband will be able to work and speak English.
  2. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Hi Joseph,
    Well my advice is Turkey, with following reasons: Property prices are rising 30% annually, Interest rates are excellent and the process is very easy.
    See you again
  3. Mirage

    Mirage New Member

    Try Abu Dhabi in the UAE a strong and growing economy means plenty of jobs for expats earning tax free wages, prices for a 2 bed townhouse (1563sqft) completing coming a shade under £120k, which is pretty cheap for the capital city.

    Plenty of sunshine, large expat communities and English is spoken by more or less everyone. Theres a healthy 2nd hand car market offers good value buys thanks to expats coming into and leaving the country, health care facilities are modern and upto date,. Over all there is plent to do and plenty to see, ideal for anyone wanting to move abroad
  4. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    If you can speak Portuguese then maybe Portugal should be an option :confused:
    Anywhere on the Algarve and your husband will have no problem finding English people to talk to. The Silver Coast north of Lisbon is cheaper and also becoming popular with foreign buyers.
  5. DC

    DC Member

    Silver Coast - Portugal

    I have heard this is a nice area, we work with some real estate there and it is quite upmarket and nice, and an area that is less commercial than the algarve, is an hour from Lisbon.
    Algarve more work opps, but more competition, and more expensive for what you get. The other question is what does your husband do for a living.
  6. najnaj

    najnaj New Member

    Hi, Joseph,
    I would like to offer you Bulgaria as an option, because it is a favorit place for many English already and many lokal people can speak English as well.
  7. tishmerealestate

    tishmerealestate New Member

    I would also recommend Bulgaria for low cost of living
  8. tishmerealestate

    tishmerealestate New Member

    Bulgaria for low cost of living
  9. Cagla

    Cagla New Member

    Hi Joseph,

    I definately advise you to move to Turkey!
    We have sold our one apartment to a British man who thinks like you.He was bored of money problems and efforts for living happily!He decided to have a search for Turkey with one of the inspection trips and he liked Altinkum at the end!He has sold his house in England, moved to here for permanent living.He has paid approximately £38.000 totally for his home in Altinkum and keep the balance in a bank.He does not think to work because the balance can be enough for him till he dies.He is living alone but we live in the same apartments so we can visit each other frequently.In Turkey, the neighbourship is like a friendship, we share our meals, have cup of tea at nights,help when needed,..
    When I ask him, he says that he is happy because no financial problems any more, sun instead of rain all day, no stress..He is trying to learn the culture of Turkish people so happy to be with us! Altinkum is cheap in everything like foods,furniture,utilities costs,not too much local taxes...The weather is always sunny and it is not lower than 10 degrees even in winters..No rain unfortunately for us (we need it now)!
    What is your husband's job?Our 2nd language is English so he can find a job easily for himself here, so many offices have English staff working..
    If you have something to ask to that English guy who can be a guide for you, I will be happy to ask him.
    He will be happy to help, I am sure..

    I think sometimes it is time to change the lifestyle..
    Best regards,
  10. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    What type of work does your husband do? There are different options depending whether he has a white collar or a blue collar job.

    Getting work abroad can be a problem if you don't speak the language in very many countries.
  11. aysonder

    aysonder New Member

    hi Joseph,

    Me as a investor advisor, I can suggest to you to invest in Turkey if you are still interested.
    Tukey is a good place both to invest in real estate and also in professional activities.
    English is widespread in every sectoral works.

    please conract me,
  12. Ann Jenkins

    Ann Jenkins New Member

    Joseph, I think you should consider all options before making such an important move. The key aspect is to move to a place where communication is easy, the culture is similar and the country is safe, whether from natural hazards, such as earthquakes, etc or from a high crime rate or strife in the area. When considering expense, obviously one would look for a more economical lifestyle, but cheap is not always cheerful and a middle of the road choice might make more sense if what you want to enjoy is a safe and tranquil lifestyle. Have you heard of Malta, or even think of considering it? The life here is modern, yet the islands have much culture to offer. Distances are short, people are friendly and genuine. They are all English speaking and foreigners have always been made welcome here.From personal experience I can tell you that my father is British and came to Malta fifty years ago, and he has never even contemplated moving back or for that matter, anywhere else. His answer.............." I feel safe and always find someone I know and quality of life is essential. In the U.K. I am just a number." Besides all this which is very important, we have a mild climate here. So if you like outdoor activities, this is your answer. If you need any information regarding property etc., please contact me and I will be very happy to help you.

  13. Canadian Investor

    Canadian Investor New Member



    You mentioned you want something warm but also cold right....Western Canada sounds like the right place for you. You also mentioned you want an English speaking place to reside. Again Western Canada sounds like the place for you. You mentioned you want something cheaper than England... Once again, Western Canada sounds like the place for you.

    Because the geography here is so vast, you can tailor each place to your individual needs. The Okanagan Valley, (a few hours north east of Vancouver) see's cool winters which is perfect for winter recreation ie skiing, snowboading and White Christmas'. The summer sees 5 months of 27-33 degrees C.

    The Price point is much lower here than it is in London, and you get much more space (personal space especially) for your buck. Realistically, property here is half the price than London.

    Contact me if you have interest at all. It's a great choice!
  14. jdmat1

    jdmat1 New Member

  15. lynpete

    lynpete New Member

    Hi Joseph,
    I would look at either Asia or the Gold Coast in Australia. There has been a remarkable increase with the English migrating to the Gold Coast. The climate is sub tropical and you can buy a large 4 bedroom home for $450,000AUD
    Of course there are no language barriers and employment is plentiful.
    If I can help further, please let me know. Our company also carries stock in Dubai.
  16. korin

    korin New Member

    of course TURKEY Joseph!

    Hi Joseph,

    I advise you to move to Turkey! DIDIM ALTINKUM

    WHY DIDIM? Because life in Didim is simply a chose of a new style of resistance to the city. The fresh and healthy products to extend your life time with peace and permanent rhythm of nature are provided with the miracioulus hand of god.
    With many natural sandy beaches, Didim offers sun seekers the opportunity to bronze at their own leisure without the hustle and bustle of the coastal resort. This gives you the total feeling of tranquility in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere.
    Due to its affordability Didim can appeal to a larger market, particularly to those interested in second homes abroad for income and investment purposes.

    The Turkish people are fashionable for their friendship and neighborhood. Being lonely is almost impossible if you need intimacy and connection. You will get to know them quickly and make many long lasting friendships. Smiling faces and warm welcomes will be a part of your life under the sensitive hotness of the sun.
    IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF a peaceful and comfortable life, ahealthy settlement,
    beautiful view, fresh mornings and enjoyable nights, amazingly dynamic life and new friends, come join us in Didim.We need new neighbours. ;)
    If your husband need a job, I can find for him a job.because all companies like me need a native speaker staff :)

    Ask your husband and if its possible send me a mail..Good luck
  17. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Hi Joseph,

    I would recommend for you to look either at Morocco,Egypt,or Turkey.
  18. Ginger

    Ginger New Member

    DUBAI guys! Warm, paying back well and nice! :))) Of course, depends on what sort of job you are doing... Many British expats here... ask on dubai British forum
  19. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Yes of course Dubai is another very good destination tax free as well,a bit strict on certain things with it being a Muslim country,However very good for investment.
  20. cheval204

    cheval204 New Member

    cottage in the sun

    you considered SW France we have a stone cottage plus a pool 2nd cottage to sell earning potential for letting,Lot of Brits/dutch in the area,
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