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Looking for house in Southern Italy

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by dante, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. dante

    dante New Member

    I am a dual citizen, USA and Italian.
    I am on a fixed income and would like to live in southern Italy for awhile.
    Does anyone know of a reasonable (cheap) house, apartment for 2 there.
    Would be nice to be near the sea !
  2. willowtree1

    willowtree1 New Member

    we have houses from 25000 euros ready to move into.10 mins drive to the sea,panoramic views fantastic.
  3. John

    John New Member

    These are in Italy???? Can you send me some more details please... asap.
  4. Damian George

    Damian George New Member

    hi jackfrench,

    do you have a web site we can look at?

    Also John can you either put more details about what you are looking partners to do or PM me as i might be able to help or point the right way

  5. willowtree1

    willowtree1 New Member

    Dante it also Depends what you call cheap,and whether you want to rent or buy,we have plenty at the moment of both,although nothing is what i would call cheap in the peak months of june july and august to rent.
    Being close to the sea you probably have more opportunity than anywhere else in are never more than 40 km from it even in the centre and rarely loose sight of it.which makes it a special place.If your buying a house most of them will require some work,although as i said we have some ready to move into.
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  6. GuyR

    GuyR New Member

    Jack i might also be interested in what you have on offer, how do i find out more
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