Looking for Commercial Real Estate Investors

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Our company NRG Ltd. is a family owned architecture company in Istanbul for ten years. As well as we are always into new projects, we are continuously working with Lacoste, US Polo, Swatch stores and some well known local brands and creating their new store projects whenever a new one is opening in an expanding market of retail.

Apart from our existing company, we have created a new team for commercial real estate that will work on commission basis and meet the foreign investors and local sellers (site, existing real estate projects) in Turkey.

We are currently representing an investor group in US that are interested in logistics, an emerging market in Turkey. There are two ways how we operate:

1.) We are looking for sites to buy and build warehouses. We will also make the leasing after the construction.

2.) We are looking for buildings for sale that have already well-known and reliable tenants in them.

We are supplying our investors with the documents written below:

· Expert valuation report

· Photos of the property

· Title deed information

· Construction permit

· Certificate of occupancy

· Zoning status document

· Cadastral extract

· Official site plan and architectural design projects (if there is one)

· Leasing agreement and additional conditions agreements (if there is already a tenant and it is a money earning project)

We are looking for a continuous business with a reliable partner that will invest or supply us with investors and we will supply them with good deals of commercial real estate (retail and logistics).

What we can offer you is a good real estate network in Istanbul, Izmir cities and their interlands.

Our office in Istanbul may be a contact office for the investor company; we are not looking for any sharing of expenses. We only need a serious partner that will evaluate our investment projects seriously.
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