Looking for an Estate Agency Post / Opportunity in Dubai?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Rafferj, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Rafferj

    Rafferj New Member

    Where should I start in my search for this ? Does anyone have any useful websites or contacts of companies or recruitment agencies who could help me out ?

    I'm the director of an established Estate Agency Company in the UK, and have been in the post for 7 years now and am looking for a fresh challenge overseas. I'm looking to sell my share of the company (50%) and move to Dubai. I also own a seperate property investment company with a portfolio of 12 rental properties, so consider myself fairly entrepreneurial.

    The role I am looking for is a managerial / development one. Also, can anyone give an idea of the likely remuneration of such a position so I can further explore the feasability of the move ? At present I earn around £100,000 plus bonuses, although I realise that I may have to work my way up to that level from a slightly lower basic salary with more emphasis on performance related bonuses, which is fine.

    I have skills in all forms of business management - sales, recruiting, accounts, planning etc and have ran the existing company alone for the last 4 years now (the other director has now retired, and is in effect, a 'sleeping partner' who is happy to sell up his share for his retirement fund!)

    Any help or advice on where to start my search would be much appreciated, I am happy to work as part of a larger or smaller organisation, or own my own as a project manager or on a consultancy basis.

    Thanks very much for any replies.
  2. Mahawish

    Mahawish New Member


    To work on ur own as a consultant you will have to be well versed with the market in Dubai...

    With your background you seem like you can contribute quite a lot to this market which is still in the process of establishing itself and could use mature input from people like yourself who have established themselves in more developed markets...

    You would probably benefit from tying up with some of the ones that are coming up now as a consultant or project manager....

    A holding company, looking to step into the real estate sector is looking for a CEO - and various other roles perhaps you can start by sending your details across here - [email protected] -

    Making appoinments with some key players in Dubai/AbuDhabi (since it is growing expotentially and shows a lot of promise) or just networking (REal Estate Events, Forums, Workshops etc.) would help you move in the right direction...

    While you can look at recruitment agencies here - monstergulf.com, careerjunctionme.com, bayt.com

    I also suggest you contact the HR of some of the major players directly...or through some contact....
  3. Rafferj

    Rafferj New Member


    Thanks very much for your prompt and detailed reply. I've not had the need for a CV for several years now, however I'll get one drawn up and send it over to the email address you have provided.

    I'll also check out the websites you mention. I'm over in Dubai later this month and will do a spot of networking whilst I'm over.

    Thanks once again for your help

    Best Regards
  4. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Mahawish how easy is it to land an agents job with one of the more established real estate companies in Dubai, if you have no experience in selling property?
    Personally,I run a small builders merchant in the UK so have a selling background.
    I also have a pretty good knowledge of Dubai through investing in property,visiting Dubai a number of times,plus spending many many hours on the internet looking at all the various projects.
    From what I can see,pairing up a unit with a buyer isnt rocket science.It's more of a case will someone give me a chance?
  5. martin warner

    martin warner New Member

    Hi Rafferj
    A friend of mine has a company that is based in London that specialises in overseas property recruitment he has many connections in the Dubai market and would definitely be able to help you. The web site is Overseas Property Jobs - Home, his name is Ian Dobrin and he is the managing director, if you get in contact through the website I’m sure he will be able to sort you out and if not he will be able to give you some good advice. My name is Martin Warner and if you want to e mail me direct its [email protected] I hope you get sorted out
  6. Brad555

    Brad555 Banned

    BigJimbo might be the person to PM on here. He was previously in real estate and his recommendations are well made. We had engage an agent but his service is so slow.

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