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Looking for a house in Portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by scott, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. scott

    scott New Member

    Hello everyone

    I'm looking to buy a cheap house to live in.

    I'm only 23 years old and have been saving every penny I earn so that I can move away (to Europe) from the UK to run my business.

    And at the moment it seems that Portugal (or possibly France) are going to be the best / cheapest options for me.

    I've heard off of channel4's moving homes site that a farmhouse in Portugal can be bought for as little as ?30,000 so hopefully I can get one in need of renovation for ?20,000.

    Anymore than ?20,000 is really beyond my capabilities.

    If anybody has any advice they can offer me or particularly a good trusted website where I can check out properties and prices,
    I would be very grateful!
  2. Tiago

    Tiago New Member

    Hello Scott.

    I´m a portuguese real estate consultor, i´ve seen you post and i would like to give you two advices - in first place 30,000 (pounds or euros) farmhouse is a synonimous of a destruied house, and to renovate this kind of houses you would never spend 20.000 (eur or pounds) , but more and less 30.000 35000 euros. In my opinion you making an excelent choice choosing central portugal, and i know an excelent place to move and settle where there are excelent touristic business oportunities and where you can buy a brand new home, in a private condominium with swimming pool for more and less 99'264 pounds.

    Good luck
    Best regards.

  3. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    cottages from 20,000

    you can find small rundown farmhouses or cottages from aa little as 20,000 euros but will have to have some work carried out in them.
    we have some on our website now, little cottage with land for 23,000 euros. take a look
    Property in Central Portugal
  4. tomeduro

    tomeduro New Member


    i have good cheap houses to sell in central portugal.
    contact me to 960389466 or email me [email protected].
    best regards miguel
  5. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    we have almost 300 properties for sale in central portugal, cheap ones tend to get snapped up quite quickly.
    if we can help, dont hesitate to contact us.
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  6. mad_zzzb

    mad_zzzb Member

    I'd say there are house for each pocket. For hot spots you'll get less size. If you demand size you'll have to be willing to be in less popular places.

    As I am a new member I'm not allowed to pass any urls yet but if you search on Google*dot*pt instead of Google*dot*com and choose to get only pages form Portugal you will eventually locate good Real Estate portals on the first or second page of results.

    Good luck
  7. Ketta

    Ketta Guest

    Stone Farm House For Sale

    Hi I have listed my farm house for sale,plus land at rear 1040m2
    Location Pedrogao Grande Central Portugal.
    If you would like info please contact me Price 68,00 Euros.
    Regards Ketta
  8. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    google pure portugal for a huge selection of property in central portugal.
  9. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

  10. mad_zzzb

    mad_zzzb Member

    I am now able to pass URLs. So try this if you are still looking

    BCI Real Estate: Properties, Flats, Villas, Houses, Lands, Plots, Farms, Buildings, Offices, Shops and/or Warehouses for sale or rental in Portugal houses, flats, buildings, lands, garages for sale or rental
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