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Looking at Marrakech

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by franflan, May 23, 2007.

  1. franflan

    franflan New Member

    Has anyone any indication of the growth expected for Marrakech or know any off plan developments there.

    Is there capital gains when you sell in Morroco?
    What is currently the best place to buy?
    I hear Essaoura is good
  2. investor27

    investor27 New Member


    I agree with what Lisa says, look at the Plan AZure Resorts, i believe these resorts will be far superior & these resorts have all the facilities under the sun, on a different thread I mentioned Villas on a new plot, VVT-6 were released, starting prices are £162k, if you require further information on any resort do advise, shall try best to advise, if you wish to PM me for further information that is also fine.
  3. flip

    flip New Member

    Have you ever heard of paid for advertising

    my god your such a boring agent, if thats what you call yourself .

    All YOU EVER SAY IS, if you wish to PM me for further information that is also fine or Any questions feel free to contact me, ive brochure, plans, availability.
    I would never buy from an agent that seems to spend all day on forums like you, waiting for people to post then diving on them like a shark.
  4. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Flip, if you look the question was initially asked on the 23rd May, what day is it today? yes 25th May, so if i was going to jump on new people dont you think I would have replied soon after the topic was raised, the reason I ask new members to contact me in private "PM" for further information is because I dont see the need to tell everyone about new releases that everyone is already aware of

    Most people new to Morocco are happy with the info i provide & people do PM me so further questions can be asked & answered.

    & finally as for me being on forums all day, i admit I do login from time to time to check threads but i notice you are also replying on most forums everyday.

    Dont really want to get into an agrument about "my postings" however if you wish to question my postings do so, its an open forum & everyone is entitled to their say, BUT we should concentrate on the subject in hand & help others who are in their early days of researching into Morocco.
  5. prolan

    prolan New Member

    Hi all,

    I can see the logic of arguing for investment on the Plan Azur developments. However I do personally not agree that these will be the definate ones to go for.

    ==> a) being plan Azur resorts they are the most expensive ones at this stage.
    ==> b) The only one built so far (Saidia) is built by Fadesa........yes the guys who have completely ruined the look and feel of those lovely spanish costas. So yest they are big...but big doesn't mean good or beautiful or high quality
    ==> c) Some smaller developers put a huge amount of effort in choosing a spectacular location, do focus on building in an environmentally responsible way and build to very high spec.
    ==> the Plan Azur developments are huge in scale and nothing guarantees that demand will outsrip the huge offer. Some of the smaller developments are of a more humane scale and can be attractive to different travellers. In this day and age I certainly think that investors do need to keep the fast changing nature of tourism into consideration when buying an investment property.

    Take these factors into account when investing.

  6. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member


    I purchased at the tanjah, but i had a look at the El Oasis de marrakech which seems to offer great incentives at a ok price. Just type in El Oasis De Marrakech and you will find some agents there. I wont put the same agents company as i use because everyone will think im one lol :)
  7. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    Hi FranFran
    as you asked about Marrakesh specifically I assume you have discounted other areas. I think Morocco as a whole is a good investment as long as you choose the development carefully. But, I still believe Marrakesh is the safest bet. It is proven, all the new coastal resorts at present have NO tourists. You can do all the predictions you like, but this can only be guesses based on more guesses.

    It probably wont go up as much as the new resorts (IF they are sucessful), but I do think steady annual growth is likely.

    I have also heard Essaouira is a nice place with lots of potential, but that was for redeveloping old medina riads, not sure about new developments there.

    There is another thread "Marrakesh" where people have discussed particular developments.
  8. nolan

    nolan New Member

    Hi, i am looking for the best value in marrakech. Any ideas???
  9. nour

    nour New Member

    If you looking for investment, the best is to buy an old riad and restore it ...
  10. nolan

    nolan New Member

    what about off plan?
  11. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    As I said, look at the recent and ongoing thread "Marrakesh" people are discussing various off-plan investments there.
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