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* Le Jardin de Fleur Golf Villas (VVT-8)
* Le Jardin de Fleur Golf Apartments (RT-7)
* Le Jardin de Fleur Sur Mer (RT-2)
* Le Jardin de Fleur Cascades Townhouses (VVT-5)
* Le Jardin de Fleur Les Grandes Villas (VVT-4)
* Le Jardin de Fleur Villas de Plage (VVT-6)

For those who are in the process of buying or have already purchased at LJDF please send me a PM or email

[email protected]

if you are interesting in joining my confidential list of owners which is independent of this forum:

It offers:

* Tips for prospective buyers
* Details on solicitors (plus discounts for group purchasers)
* Factsheets on moneybrokers, insurance, surveyors, etc
* Up-to-date information on progress (latest shops, etc.)
* Information on Local Services
* Contact other purchasers living in your area
* Regular Q&As put to PL on your behalf
* Website (work in progress)
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What about the Sahara Beach & Spa resort? That's part of LJDF as well? I'd like some updates as well. Curious can someone give me and education to where they feel are the best value with regards to LJDF ? (i.e , good location, price, quality, or just a smart plan that should yield well.


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Bluepacific we all have different prespectives on comparative value and investment potential.

Some prefer to be right near the beach for example in VVT6 as they thought this proximity would drive tourist rentals, others prefer to be in a more peacefull location further back (for example Ive heard the argument that French people will want more than just a holiday home, they will want a second home and will prefer to be away from the crowds down by the beach and promenade).

For my part I went for a village du golf villa as it was simply best value on the day and I got in at a price I was very pleased with, so not being right by the beach was not a concern.

Hotel developments offer convienience and the prospect of year round income but on the downside there could e a question over capital growth and from merely my point of view I have just a gut feel hotels are more likely to fail - just a gut feel, nothing more.

Appartments appeal to others as they feel they will more readily attract groups of golfing guys / ladies.

The concept behind LJDF is that each of the 11 developments is supposed to appeal to different sectors.

I have a family so felt a villawas a must and not only that we find there is limited supply of villas with own pool, GRASS gardens, lots of onsite facilites and onsite beach accross the Med. Really there is a lot less supply than you might think. People often tell me they know such a development but we always find its a 15 minute drive from beach, or closer to beach but not enough leisure facilities onsite or no grass garden or a bit down market like Arenal in Menorca.
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