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Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by cayden, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. cayden

    cayden New Member

    Hi every one,

    I and my wife are living in Dubai for a year now. And we enjoying here a lot.
    fortunately my husband was been promoted for an operation manager
    in Saudi Arabia. And we are very happy for the blessings. So by end of this
    month were off in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. We are very excited and wondering the lifestyle in Riyadh. We heard about the rules which is extremely strict. Any one who live already or been there can give us an inspirational view, information, advice and some suggestions living in Riyadh. We are thinking of buying a house in Riyadh. Is it a good idea? We highly appreciate your view. We love adventures anyway...
  2. 4runner

    4runner New Member

    Hi, I have been living in Riyadh KSA for 10 years now so please if you need any info do not hazitate to ask me and I'll be glad to help.

  3. RAXIT

    RAXIT New Member

    Hi...I'm planning to move to riyadh with my wife....Can anyone please guide me regarding the cost of living there.
  4. Mujteba

    Mujteba New Member

    Hi all

    I grew up in Saudi and moved to London for further education/uni etc. Riyadh is a good place to live if u live in the right compound and i would suggest living in one and not in a standalone villa. its a fun place to grow up as a kid and the communities are quite tightly knit seeing the lack of social activity so its a good place to lve for a good family life.

    I am looking at investing into property there and working with an agent over there Sha'atoor estates one of the oldest in riyadh, i can put u guys in touch if u need advice on buying but there are restrictions on buying if ur not saudi and the procedure is long winded but they can help find u a rental property. Let me knowif ur interested,

  5. safwanadam

    safwanadam New Member

    Hi i want to invest in saudi arabia does anybody know how to go about doing so? because i hear you need expierence to become a foriegn investor is there no other way?
  6. Ryder

    Ryder New Member

    well , living in riyadh is something really different , the lifestyle is great, from my point I suggest that you better live in compound . Alot of people wondering is saudi arabia safe ? Yes it is , Violence is low rated and it's around the major cities . you can go walking till 11pm .
    Cayden if you need further info's I can supply ,
  7. maryosawa

    maryosawa New Member

    How's the weather in Riyadh? Is it dry most of the year?
  8. Ryder

    Ryder New Member

    honestly , yes it is . you know Riyadh is located in the middle of the desert . which means it's hot when it's hot , and cold when it's cold . So don't wonder if the weather turned foggy or dusty suddenly . meanwhile the weather is awesome and a bit cool .
  9. Elphaba

    Elphaba New Member

    You may find it useful to look at the sister forum of this site
  10. nancyd589

    nancyd589 New Member

    Hello, I now became a member of this community here and I would love to be a part of it. Just enjoy the environment here.

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